Expanded Text Ads – We Had A Good Run

It’s official, Expanded Text Ads (ETA’s) will be no more as of June 30th 2022.

Don’t panic though, we have got a few reasons to keep you calm and get you ready for this change.

Let’s all be honest here – this is not a shock

RSA’s were made the ‘default ad type’ for Search campaigns back in March 2021 by Google, and anyone who is working in PPC day to day knows that Google has been favouring RSA’s for some time now.

Automation is our friend – I think :/

Although it’s not perfect, automation has come a long way, it is the future, and it is definitely starting to impress. Built-in A/B testing is a good thing and we still have some control of RSA’s with the ‘pin’ feature.

Although I, and many other PPC managers have had mixed results from RSA’s, sometimes they do out perform the standard ETA’s.

Start getting familiar and testing RSA’s

If you aren’t already, start making RSA’s your main focus. Get testing, see what works and what doesn’t and use this time as a learning period for yourself and your accounts. Also, your ETAs are still eligible to run, so learn which one works the best and keep it going!

There’s still time

Yes ETA’s are going and RSA’s will be the new standard, but we have a little time before it is forced upon us. A lot can change in the next 10 months and Google still has time to show us that RSA’s really are the way to success in the future. They may even bring out some updated reporting features!

This is just yet another update from Google in the continuously changing world of PPC. It shouldn’t come as a shock, we have all learned to adapt and overcome everything else thrown at us and we are still here, so why not this!