5 tools for Facebook creative

5 Tools For Effective Creative Design Using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is an amazing online marketing tool but it can get complex and a little time consuming when you really get into it.

We could all do with a little more time and a lot more efficiency. So, let’s take a look at 5 Facebook Ads tools that can help to speed up the creative production process.

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Creative Hub

This is a good place to start when the goal is to work on developing creative ideas without creating a campaign draft. The best part is that you can create ad mock ups in advance, preview them for different placements, share them with others and then save them to be used for when you come to make your campaign.

By using Creative Hub, you can keep the structure of your campaign nice and tidy in the Ad Manager while allowing you to collaborate on developing ideas for any upcoming ad designs.

Adding Multiple Text Variations

When you want to develop multiple ad copy or headline ideas, there’s no need to duplicate your ads anymore. Now you can take advantage of this feature to add multiple Primary Text, Headline and Description options.

You can add up to a total of 5 variations and then Facebook uses its amazing machine learning power to optimise the delivery towards the combination that performs the best.

This feature is available for Single Image and Video Ads for Traffic, App Installs and Conversion objectives.

Adding multiple text variations is gradually being introduced to all accounts so if it isn’t in yours yet, keep checking back and it  should be there in a few more weeks.

Video Creation Kit

Producing video assets can cost a lot of money, not to mention how time consuming they can be too!

But, let’s be honest, they are what gets the engagement, they are super versatile and in our opinion can be so pretty! #girl

And can sometime be a lot less expensive than other formats.

By using Facebook’s built in Video Creation Tool, you can choose from one of the available templates and customise the overlay text, fonts and colours.

You also get to produce your video in different aspect ratios for different placement specifications so you can really enhance your chances of getting engagements out of each impression.

Just by using the Video Creation Tool you can turn your talking points into a more condensed version by making them into a short and engaging slideshows. 

It is a great way to prevent your Single Image Ads getting flagged and having delivery issues due to being too text heavy.

Instant Experience

Previously known as Canvas Ads, Instant Experience is an interactive and instant loading addition to your ads.

The idea behind it is that the landing place of the ad will be an interactive and full screen experience.

Facebook has several templates you can use to customise and get what you need for your design or simply create one from scratch.

An Instant Experience can contain images, videos, slide show, buttons and text and is a great option if your website loads slow and you lose a lot of clicks before they even make it to your landing page!

Use this feature to re-target using a Custom Audience or as an option for Lookalike audiences, good eh?

Same Ad But Multiple Languages

This option is great for any business that advertises their product or services in multiple countries or regions with more than one common language.

Before this feature was introduced, you had to create multiple versions of the ad for different markets. In addition to the production overhead this would also limit the algorithm learnings because ads for each language would occupy different Ad Sets and therefore different Learning Phases.

Now, if you were to add translations of the copy in the same ad, you can minimise creative production time and accumulate learnings.

Remember, you can add up to 49 language variations and for Traffic and Conversion objectives you get to enter language specific website destinations.

Hopefully we’ve given you something to think about when you come to the creative production process of your Facebook Ads. 

There is no one size fits all rule to follow when dealing with online advertising and specifically, Facebook ads. Play around with whichever tool you feel your advertising goal would benefit from the most and make it your own.

Testing is the key to catching your potential customers eye and boosting your business and ultimately, your success.

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