Beginning Your Paid Search Journey- Freelancetosuccess or Agency?

Beginning Your Paid Search Journey- Freelancetosuccess or Agency?

So, you’ve made the decision to take the leap into the world of paid search (hurrah!) and you now need to decide who is best placed to deliver the service for your business. We understand that this can be a tricky decision to come to, and in order to make the right choice for you, you’ll need to understand the differences between instructing Freelancetosuccess over an agency. We are confident that our service blows everyone else out of the water, but now it’s time for us to tell you why!


If you come across a paid search agency that wants you to sign a year-long contract, you may want to think twice. While some cases may take a year to see results, you should be able to see signs of improvement within the first couple of months when working with the right people. At Freelancetosuccess, we don’t look to tie our clients into anything they don’t want or need, which is why we can offer a no fixed contract service.


Tailored paid search packages built specifically around your requirements, sounds great doesn’t it? At Freelancetosuccess, we delve deep into the heart of your company, explore your core values and culture as well as your long- and short-term goals so we can develop a clear understanding of your target audience before we even begin putting your PPC plan together. We then work directly with you the client in creating a completely bespoke paid search strategy. If you meet with an agency who aren’t asking these kinds of questions, they aren’t taking the right steps to making your business succeed.


Communication is key and sometimes this can be a real problem between agency and client. You may find yourself struggling to get a response to calls and e-mails, and when you do you seem to always be speaking with someone different. By instructing Freelancetosuccess, you will have dedicated on-site staff who become an integral part of your existing team, with set hours assigned specifically to your account so we’re always around when you need us, and you’ll get to know us as much as we’ll get to know you! What’s more, as part of your package, you and your team will receive fully inclusive training so you can develop your own knowledge and understanding of paid search. We pride ourselves on becoming an extension to your team, not an outsider.


One of the most important elements to consider when instructing a paid search expert is pricing and what level of service you’ll receive in return for your money. A lot of agencies implement a fixed price (and as mentioned above, you’re likely to be tied in for a fixed term) with zero flexibility so this can make it difficult to work with an agency. Freelancetosuccess offer completely flexible rates based on level of experience, and your paid search strategy will grow and develop alongside your business. You’ll never be stuck with a service which isn’t benefiting you, and we’ll always make sure that you’re getting the best return on your investment.


So, there we have it, the stark differences between a paid search agency and Freelancetosuccess. We like to think we stand out from the crowd, but we’ll leave that decision to you…!

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