Why you should be advertising on YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest online platforms known to date and with such a huge audience spending so much time on it, no wonder more and more businesses are using it as a direct place to advertise.

So what makes YouTube the place to be when it comes to advertising products and such? Lets looks at the main reasons how businesses can really benefit from advertising on the old YouTube.


Influence On Purchasing Behaviour

By using advertisements, vlogs and videos by well known influencers, YouTube content has a huge impact on customer purchases. Nowadays all a business has to do is partner with a social media influencer, get them to host a giveaway on their channel and the viewers go nuts, as will your sales. So since YouTube can very much directly influence the purchasing decisions for the majority of your customer base, you should consider taking advantage of this with some well placed ads or videos.



Not only is the potential reach enormous but the actual reach is off the scale! Due to the fact that YouTube is in fact a mash up of both a search engine and a social media network, the wide range of internet users multiplies tenfold! Even on mobile alone, YouTube reaches more people aged 18-49 than any broadcast or cable TV network. That’s a lottt of people. Also, let it be known that after Google, YouTube is the runner up for as the most popular search engine as well as maintaining the title as the third largest social media network. I’m sure you would be sorry if you passed up that opportunity! 


Advanced Targeting

Why waste time, effort and money advertising to people who really aren’t interested in your product? Being able to target the correct audience is crucial to getting the best performance you can out of your ads. Using YouTube, you can target people based on demographics such as age, gender, if they’re a parent and even interests. So if you target affinity audiences then you know your ads are going to reach users who have already taken an interest in relevant topics or products. By using custom affinity audiences, you can target even more specifically as well as targeting in-market audiences to reach people who are actively researching the products and/or services you have to offer. The buck doesn’t just stop there either, oh no! Not only are you able to target people but YouTube also allows you to focus your ads on specific channels or videos that are relevant to your target audience, meaning your message gets to exactly who it needs to see it.


Easy To Track Metrics

One of the key components in any advertising strategy is measuring metrics and making sure your ad spend is spent where it should be.You tube makes this process so easy and accessible as the Analytics tab of your YouTube account provides in depth info about your viewers. Another benefit is that you can track video viewership or quartile reporting which is great as it shows how often an ad is watched to 25, 50, 75 and 100 percent of its length. These kinds of metrics make it easy to evaluate where your ad is performing well and where it can be improved which is pivotal in adjusting your strategy accordingly to meet your goals more efficiently.

So there you have, in my opinion, the core benefits of advertising on YouTube. The whole popularity of it enhanced with the worldwide accessibility makes it easy to effectively find potential customers and positively impact your ROI. 

The beautiful thing about YouTube is that it is a Google partner so you know that by using it, it’s going to be a good one.

And we all know how much we love Google…


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