Why use Google shopping Ads?

Under the assumption that everyone the world over surfs the web on a daily basis, you’ve probably seen a Google Shopping ad, even if without knowing at the time. If you haven’t, let me fill you in.

Google Shopping ads are ads that show users a photo of your product, a title, price, store name and even more. This type of ad benefits retailers specifically because it enables them to promote their inventory online as well as driving customers online or to their store. The benefits may sound obvious, advertise = increase of sales right? Although that may pretty much be the jist of everyone’s business goal, there are many factors in between that influence the success of any Shopping campaign and here are some of the benefits to name a few:

Better click through rate

Shoppers are almost twice as likely to click on a shopping ad than a normal PPC ad because those browsing for specific products know what they want and know exactly what they are looking for. 

Reduced cost per click

By improving your click through rate, you can reduce your cost per click. If your campaign results in a lower average cost per click, you can save and drive more traffic to your site for your budget. More for your money, what’s not to like?

Better return on investment

With an improved click through rate and a lower cost per click, you can improve your return on investment.

Get the picture?

What are you more attracted to? A picture or a paragraph? Visual content reaches the user’s brain and is interpreted much faster than text. It’s natural for us to be drawn to the imagery in a Shopping ad so make sure the one you use is good quality and go grab that buyers attention!

See more on a mobile

Google only displays 2 traditional PPC ads on mobile so unless you can manage to be in the top 2 positions, then a lot less people are going to see your ad. Keep in mind how many more searches are done from a mobile now compared to other devices, who wants the slash their odds? The great thing about Google Shopping ads is that they appear at the top of mobile searches in a carousel showing the first 15 results. Yasss!!!

Efficient for a massive inventory

The process of building a well structured Google ads campaign, if you sell a lot of products, can be exhausting and time consuming to say the least! Google Shopping to the rescue! As long as you make sure product titles, attributes and descriptions are as accurate as possible, Google will do the rest!

It updates automatically

Worrying about bidding on ads for products you don’t have in stock or don’t sell anymore? Once you set up an automated product feed, your campaign will update the inventory every night so they will be removed or vice versa for those new products you want to add too! No manually updating your campaign all the time, it’s all pretty smooth sailing from here!

Better reporting

By using Google Shopping you have the ability to view your performance data by products, including or, product attributes. Due to the fact that the performance metrics are associated with the item and not the product group, you are able to filter and segment your data by the product attributes which include things like product category, product type, brand, item ID, condition and custom labels.

You can use competitive metrics

If you were to use Benchmarking, Google will be able to provide you with anonymous cost per click and click through rate metrics on your competitors. This means that you can immediately have a rough idea where to pitch your bids if you want to get your campaigns working as cost effective as possible from the get go.

And that, my friends, is a low down into the benefits of using a Google Shopping ad campaign. You’ve got yourself a great chance to be seen by a wider, and more importantly, relevant audience, so….

Show the user what your selling,

Show the user who wants what you’ve got,

Give them what they want and smile because,

You got this!!!

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