Why SQRs are important to your Google Ads campaign

One of the most valuable reports available to PPC advertisers is the Google Ads search query report.

Having said that, so many people make the mistake of not making the most of their Google Ads search query data. A shame really, as it allows you to see what searches people type into Google before they click on your ads, giving you the opportunity to see exactly what people are searching for and a sneaky peak at their needs and requirements whilst your there! Sounds good right?

However, any one of us can easily scan through the report but with the right strategies and tactics, search query analysis really can have huge benefits to your PPC campaigns.

But how? I hear you say!

Here are 5 ways you can use your search query reports to effectively optimise your campaigns.

Know your audience better!

Your SQR gives you a great opportunity to research your target audience and understand them better as you can clearly see their own needs and requirements. You can see exactly what they are searching for, what their preferences are and keep tabs on how their needs are changing. By being able to understand your target audience well, you can adapt your campaigns to grow and change with their needs too!


Optimise Keyword Bids

By knowing exactly which search queries perform better than others, you can adjust the bids of your keywords to reflect their performance. By using an extensive long tail keyword strategy, you run the risk of making it difficult to optimise as your keywords will more than likely only get a small number of clicks. The good news is that you can assess the performance of different themes within search queries, making it easier for you to identify which types of words within search queries perform better than other and adjust them accordingly.


Tailor your ad message

By looking at your SQR you can see which ad group matched to which search query. This is useful because you can look at your top search queries and then check out what ad messages are showing within those ad groups so that you can tailor your ads and make them as engaging and specific to the search query as possible. This would have an overall significant positive impact on your campaign performance.


Expand your negative keywords

Not only can you use the data collected from your SQR to highlight what’s working well, but you can totally use it to your advantage by seeing what isn’t! I’m talking about seeing searches which have a low conversion rate, poor ROI and even seeing what keywords are completely irrelevant and not working at all! The more data you have the better, as it will be easier to compare the performance of different search queries and you can then in turn choose to enter those under performing and irrelevant keywords as negatives to stop your ad showing for products or services unrelated to yours.


Build new landing pages

You can use your search query date to drive your landing page strategy. By identifying the most popular searches and themes in your SQR you will see exactly which searches would most probably benefit from making tailored landing pages if that was something you wanted to do. If you were to look at the data, you will see a lot of search queries that could seem relevant but, for one reason or another, might not be converting or generating a good ROI. You can use these search queries as a great opportunity when creating more specific landing pages as you will see if the search query is or always will be a poor converter. It might be the case that all it needs is just a little extra help with a better, more relevant and focused landing page.

So that’s just a little slice on the topic of search query reports. If you are running an ad campaign, it would be an advantage to analyse your data at least weekly to make tweaks and improve your overall campaign performance.

Don’t underestimate the power of an SQR and what it can do for you!

The more data you have, the better, 

The more time you spend, the better.

Who wouldn’t want to be the best?

Go grab a date with your data 🙂


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