Negative keywords

Why Are Negative Keywords Important?

When using PPC, the general idea is to bid on keywords that relate to the products or services you want to advertise. So that when a user on Google searches the terms you have as keywords in your account, your ad will appear.

But what about negative keywords? Surely as negatives they wont be that important? My answer is, yep, they sure are! And here is why.

The inevitable thing about keywords is that your ads will end up showing for searches that aren’t related to what it is you are advertising.

Since it costs money every time your ad gets a click, why run the risk of wasting money by your ads showing in the wrong place with zero consumer need or desire for your product?

What can be done to prevent this? That is where the negatives come in.

Negative keywords are the type of keywords you add into your account that you definitely do not want your ads to show for.

Finding the negatives and excluding them from your account is a step in the right direction for your success.

Where to find them?

Sometimes the terms you don’t want to show for can seem obvious. I mean, if you’re running a diet product the last place you want your ad to be seen is around the fast food aisle right?

Other times it will be up to you to do a little bit of research and what better way to start keyword research other than with your best friend Google?

Not only does the keyword planner helps you to determine keywords you might want to add to your account, you can also benefit by finding searches that you don’t want to show for.

By putting keywords into the keyword planner you can see the different search terms that are being searched which are related to your keyword. 

Once your account is up and running and gathering data, you’ll want to head over to the Search Query Report.

This lets you see first hand the actual search terms people are searching for that are triggering your ad. Analyse and be sure to add any irrelevant terms to your negative keyword lists!

How Do I Exclude Them?

Finding the negatives is the easy part and once you have them you have to decide how you want to exclude them.

One choice is to consider the match type you want to use.

So if you want to exclude just one term completely, you can exclude it as exact match.

Then if you want to exclude a term only in certain context you can exclude it as phrase match.

But if you want to exclude a certain term in any context with any combinations of words, the broad match is the match type for you.

Even though you can create broad match negatives, it is probably best that you keep your negatives short and tight. You don’t want to contradict the whole point of this exercise by repelling potential traffic due to the broad connections associated with it.

Then you need to decide what level of the account you want to add the exclusions. It can be either ad group or campaign level, and in the form of individual negative keyword uploads or negative keyword lists.

So there you have it, a little taste of why negative keywords are important and how you can use them to benefit your PPC account performance.

PPC management is complex and an on-going process. It can end up costing you time and money if not managed properly.

So be sure that negatives aren’t one of the reasons you are wasting money 😉

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