Why won’t my Google Ads show?

By using Google Ads you have a lot of opportunities to market your brand online.

You create a campaign, include some keywords and voila, you’re good to go!

Well that isn’t always the case, of course there are going to be obstacles in the way, but first, you just can’t wait to see if this Google Ads sorcery has worked. You hit up the Google search engine, type in a keyword and your ad is nowhere to be seen! But how could that be? You’ve done everything you think you needed to do, why has this happened?

No need to panic! There are a number of reasons why your ad might not show straight away.

  • Your keywords were outbid by someone else which means that their ads show instead of yours.
  • You might have already reached your daily ad spend at the time you searched for your ad.
  • Your ad might not even be showing on the first Google search results page, try looking at the second one.
  • Google might have stopped showing you the ad if you have seen the ad a few times and not clicked on it.
  • Your website might show up organically in the search results if you are searching for a keyword that relates highly to your business. This means that your website would show up in the search results page instead of your ad.
  • Google Ads don’t always show every time someone performs a search. Some ads may only show every third search.
  • Google might not show your ad to you because your personal IP address in which you used to perform the search is linked to your Google Ads account and they want to show a user your ads, not the person who created them.

With all things considered there are things you can do to make sure that your ads appear in the Google search results. 

  • Use ad extensions, such as a link to your contact page, to encourage users to click on your ad so they can get to the page on your site they want to with just a click. This will increase the Quality Score of your ad which could result in it being shown more often.
  • Add a Call to Action, such as ‘Sign up’ to your ad people are more likely to respond to your ad.
  • Find out when your target customers are online and you can schedule your ads to show then. Google can automatically bid higher during those peak times when you use bid adjustments.
  • Make sure you evenly rotate your ads so that they all have a chance to show and you will see which perform better than the others.
  • You should pause or remove poorly performing keywords then add new and more relevant ones using the Google Ads keyword planner. Then using your most relevant keywords, run all keywords match types for them and include them the headline copy of your ad.
  • If you have a poorly performing ad then you need to rewrite it so it is higher quality to stand a chance of your ad showing.
  • You can always bid higher on keywords, although it isn’t always necessary. A higher bid generally helps your ad to show in a higher position on the search results page.

These are all great ways to help your ads to show but ultimately it all comes down to a combination of the quality, relevancy and bid amount.

If you execute them all well you will have a good Quality Score. The better your Quality Score then the more likely you are to grab a top position on Google’s search results page.

It’s all about behind ahead of the competition in the race of advertising online and let’s face it, we all like a bit of success!



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