What Makes A Successful PPC Ad?

When it comes to creating the perfect PPC ad, there is no such thing! With PPC campaigns, there is always room for improvement and ads are no exception. Having said that, there are some factors that can influence the success of an ad.

Take a look at the components that contribute to a PPC ad that you can tailor to make a successful campaign.

Bring in the numbers

If you play your numbers right, your customers could be more likely to choose you. We are talking offers, promotions or unique price points.

This will encourage users to click as they are able to easily compare you to your competitors upfront. 

Try testing an offer or promotion that people cannot refuse and see how many customers you can attract!

Include CTA’s

You should be familiar with the term, even so, you should include Call To Action’s, not only in the title but the description too.

They are one of the easiest ways to improve the Click Through Rate of any search ad.

To put simply, a call to action is just that, a call to action.

You, the advertiser, shows the user what you want them to do, so by knowing how to interact with your ad, they are more likely to convert.

It’s a brilliant way to prompt an immediate response from online users and encourage an immediate sale.

Use the right URL

URLSounds so obvious, right? But sometimes people need reminding.

When choosing a URL for your company website, some would say the shorter the better, especially if condensed into the most relevant keywords to your campaign.

You can choose an eye catching URL if you want to but above all else, it’s got to work.

Think of the loss of all the potential customers if your user journey is wrong. Imagine a user clicks on your ad and then has to search your site for what you are advertising. Not a good look for you or your brand.

Ad extensions

Ad extensions are an effective way to add some substance and content to your business by encouraging users to click on it.

You can include site-links, locations, phone numbers and reviews too!

When users are searching online, the chances are, they will be more attracted to an ad with an ad extension. This is because they will either be taken to exactly where they want, with site-links, or be given the exact information they are looking.

Try them and start making your users customer experience better!

Use your Brand in the Headline

I personally think it’s a good idea to stick the brand of your business in one of the 3 headline options. The reason for this is that by doing so, you allow your brand to become more recognised with the contextual search phrase which the users are searching for. Over time this will improve the brand awareness of your business – even better that it won’t even cost you a penny – unless of course they click!

Although using PPC as a part of your marketing strategy can cost a lot or as little as you like.

By utilising everything outlined above, you really do stand a great chance of success for nothing more than what you’re already paying.

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