What is the Quality Score?

Quality Score is an estimation of the quality of your ads based on a scale of 1-10.

As a general rule, the higher the quality of your ads means lower costs and a better ad position. If you want to increase the Quality Score of your ads, take a look at the 3 main components that determine it.

Ad relevance

This is a reference to how closely the copy in your ad relates to the keywords you bid on. Basically, do the keywords you are using match the message in your ads well? There are a possible 3 statuses you can get which are below average, average and above average. The time to worry is when you’re ads are at a below average status as this shows that your ad/keywords might not be as specific as they should be. In this case, you should create more tightly themed ad groups so that your ads are more closely related to a smaller group of keywords.

Expected click through rate

So the gist of it is that your click through rate is determined by the historical click through rates of your ads with your chosen keyword. Your click through rate reflects how close that the keywords you’ve chosen, match with the search terms a potential customer used to perform a search. From Google’s point of view, they predict if your keyword will likely lead to a click on your ad. When using Google Ads, they take into account how well your keyword has performed previously based on the position of your ad.

Landing page experience

Your landing page experience is a measure used to see how relevant and useful your landing page is to a potential customer who clicks on your ad. You don’t want to drive away a potential customer by lulling them into a false sense of security in a situation where they click on the link and are directed to a page irrelevant to what they are looking for. Make it as easy as you can for them by creating a landing page that sends them exactly to what they are looking for. The easier the customer experience, the more likely they are to convert!

In our opinion, these are the things you need to really think about when trying to increase your quality score. Remember, the better your Quality Score, the more chances that your ads are seen.

As an advertiser, when your ads can potentially be faced in front of the whole world wide web, you need to do what it takes to take the lead into success.

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