What are Google Dynamic Search Ads?

Dynamic Search Ads are similar to traditional text ad campaigns except that they use your actual website or product feed for your business instead of using keywords.

They are the easiest way to find customers who are searching on Google for precisely what you offer. Google matches the users queries to the type of product on your website or feed which results in showing them your dynamically generated and tailored ad.

This type of ad is perfect for those advertisers with a large inventory and/or a well developed website because it uses your website content to target your ads and can contribute greatly to your keyword based campaigns. Not only that but you save time and stay relevant as the headlines and landing pages are generated using content from your website too!

Sounds good? Let’s have a look at the main benefits of using Dynamic Search Ads.


Easy to set up

Dynamic search ads are easy to set up and take a load off your plate when it comes to keywords and campaign creation. This is because the headlines are dynamically generated based on the actual product that is matched to the query in the system. With a good structure in place you can be set up and running within a day of minimal work.


Time saving

Using this ad type, you don’t have to map keywords, bids and ad text to each product you sell on your website, as well as being able to advertise to new markets much faster than other alternatives that are available. Let Google ads do the hard part of selecting keywords and generating headlines for you.


Show relevant headlines

When a user is searching Google for a product or service related to the page you want to promote, Google will dynamically generate your ad with a clear headline by using the keywords from the search as well as your landing page.


Get more traffic

Of course one of the most important ways to target potential customers is with your keywords. By using dynamic search ads you can reach an even wider audience by targeting pages of your website, and in turn, resulting in more traffic to your website.


Campaign control

Your ads can be shown based on a range of targeting options such as your entire website, specific categories or pages using titles or strings of text within the URL and pages that include certain words to name a few. You can even stop your ads from showing for products at times when they may be out of stock.


Hopefully we’ve given you some insight into Dynamic Search ads, perfect for any marketer on the go! I would say they are an underrated type of ad campaign but I think they are definitely worth considering using if you want to enhance your current search campaign to be more efficient and more successful!

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