Things to consider when using Paid Search marketing.

PPC, a form of paid search marketing, one that is taking the digital world by storm is a fantastic tool to use if you want to increase your brand exposure and apply your own marketing strategies.

If you are thinking about starting your own PPC ad campaign or getting someone to do it for you there are pro’s and con’s to consider before you do.


Using paid search you can drive visitors to your website and market your brand online quicker than traditional forms of advertising. You can increase your brand recognition through your ad impressions whilst only paying for meaningful traffic to your website every time a potential customer clicks your ad.

You can target specific geographic locations by adjusting your campaign target settings and create filters to show your ads in your preferred locations. No more wasting marketing resources by advertising to a more generic wider area.

Users online can be targeted based on the keywords they type into the Google Search engine. By using a PPC method of advertising, account managers can view keyword reports and determine which ones are the most relevant and suitable to your product, helping your product or service show when those keywords are searched for.

PPC ad campaigns are great for seasonal marketing strategies as you can control how much money you are spending by using a budget to work within as well as scheduling when and how often you want your ads to show.

If you have a successful eCommerce business selling a wide range of products, PPC advertising is perfect for you! By investing in paid search marketing you can easily direct new customers to your website and increase your return on investment.


Paid search marketing requires full-time commitment and a lot of extensive research with expertise knowledge needed to execute it well. It isn’t something just anyone can do or do well. Most marketing advertisers spend years working in this specific industry and hold many years of experience of running paid search marketing campaigns.

There isn’t a simple step by step guide handibook readily available for everyone who wishes to use this form of advertising. Once your campaigns go live, you will have to constantly track and monitor performance to make tweaks to benefit your campaign. Ongoing ad testing is needed constantly to improve performance and lowers costs.

Like a lot of things in life, they evolve, and PPC certainly isn’t exempt. It will forever be a learning curve to be able to keep up to date with the latest trends and continual changes in strategies and metrics etc.

These are just a handful of the pro’s and con’s of PPC advertising, like anything, there will always be reasons for and against doing PPC but it all depends on the needs of you and your brand.

All things considered, in my opinion I do think it would be more beneficial to use PPC than not. You only spend what you are prepared to spend and due to the increase of consumers buying online, I think that you stand a good opportunity of bagging some of those customers as long as you are willing to invest time into optimising your account.
Go get ‘em!

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