2020 new year goals

Things to avoid in PPC this year

Now we are well into the swing of 2020, a lot of us should have made a great dent into our resolutions of things we want to achieve whether its doing something differently, something new or cutting out completely! Calling all PPC marketers, the buck doesn’t stop at resolutions!

New year, new you and all that jazz, it’s a good way of kicking off the year with all the great intentions you’ve spent the last leg of the last year thinking about. But what about the things you shouldn’t be doing in your PPC accounts? It’s worth thinking about for sure. Here are the things to avoid doing with your PPC to make this year is a great year!


Fridays are a no go

Friday is never a good idea to launch new campaigns, ad groups etc. No one wants to spend the weekend constantly on the computer and compulsively checking the performance. So let’s just navigate away from Fridays completely. This will help to prevent things from overspending or being live with mistakes such as spelling and grammar and not being able to catch it for the first few days.


Don’t forget to check

One mistake people commonly make is to set up things live and forget to follow up and check. It is so easy to tick a task off the to-do list when that list is a mile long, but you should always go back and check the performance, that everything is approved and that nothing is overspending. This shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially when dealing with accounts that spend thousands in the first few days.


Don’t be afraid to test automated bidding

Automated bidding is a great thing to implement into your accounts because when you switch from manual to automated, it will save you the time and hassle of having to constantly change the bids yourself. Another bonus is that Google uses its algorithms to find the users most likely to click on your ad or convert, which can be extremely helpful from your marketing perspective.


Don’t assume automated bidding won’t overspend

When you use automated bidding strategies such as maximise conversions or maximise clicks, you can set a daily budget but don’t think that Google won’t spend more if they think they can get the conversions and evenly distribute the rest of your budget over the rest of the month as to not exceed your monthly budget. Even knowing this, it wouldn’t be a wise move to set an automated strategy and not check back within the next 24 hour time frame.


You don’t always have to be a home bird

Although we might consider Google as the paid search advertising God, and by we I mean me! The likes of Bing and Facebook also come out top too when it comes to the sheer volumes of traffic you can generate. Don’t limit yourself just to what you know, there are other channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, AdRoll and Yahoo (to name a few) that all have amazing potential for you and your business and a lot of advantages to boot.

With all that being said, if you apply it to your PPC accounts, I think it paves the way for a great start to 2020 and a great opportunity for a successful year.

Let’s start as we mean to go on!



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