Stand out from the competition

You’ve started your business and things were going great for a while but lately you’ve noticed the customers dispersing more than you are attracting.

Maybe a competitor has set up shop right across the street, maybe your’e online competition has just got a little more aggressive or maybe you just aren’t keeping it fresh.

You could see it as the nail in your company coffin for sure.

Or you can make the choice to act and make sure you stand out.

So the question is, what do you do now?


It could be a good thing really.

Are you going to let it break you?

Why not use it as an opportunity to really shine.

The business world is an education in itself and you’re not immune from today’s new life lesson…So time to take note!

There’s nothing stopping you looking up and researching the businesses close to your location that offer the same services as you. Or if you work from home see the businesses advertising online. See if there’s anything that catches your eye, colours, logos, names etc. and compare it to yours. Think of it from a customer’s perspective – who are you attracted to more? If the answer isn’t you then I suggest you’ve got some changes to make to make sure you are the one that stands out. We will leave that to you to play around with but make it as appealing as possible!

Why not do something fun or quirky that hasn’t been done?

It’s a great way to draw the right attention to your business and get people talking. The best bit is that it can be anything you want and it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Why not dress up in a wacky costume and parade around outside your office or high street, stop and talk to passers by – you could even use this as a perfect photo opportunity to get your brand splashed all over the internet. The more relevant to your business the better. Look at local events and schedule it around peak times when you know it’s going to be busy. There is no harm in going against society’s conventional attitudes. Make it fun and memorable.

You could even take it into the office, who doesn’t like fancy dress right?

What exactly is it your’e selling?

Ice cream? Cakes? Stationary?

You could organise a good old fashioned freebie giveaway to show possible customers exactly what they are missing and put yourself on the map. It could be a little more costly but how you do it will depend on your business specifically. It shouldn’t hurt to spend if it’s worth it but don’t go breaking the bank. Be realistic!

How about making an offer that nobody can refuse?

Everyone loves a cheeky buy 1 get 1 free, money off voucher or a free consultation here and there. This should also be specific to your business but take a peek at what others are offering in your market and take it a step further if you can. Be the best you can, you could even consider a guarantee to boot to make customers feel secure and that you are trustworthy company. Without trust you’ve got nothing.

Above all else, make sure you deliver exceptional service at all times.

Set the bar high and ensure that everyone around you follows through. Customers love a personal experience so a great way to help maintain or attain customers in general is to make them feel like they are special. Sounds cheesy right? Maybe, but it’s the truth. There’s no need to be fake though, be as genuine as you can, approach everyone with that beautiful smile of yours, ask questions and the response you feel will be almost immediate and in turn more than likely positive.

There’s so many ways you can avoid burying your business back into the very ground you built it from.

So step back and assess what you need to do for you and don’t let anything get in your way!

There’s plenty of life in you yet…


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