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Simple PPC Analysis Tips

PPC can be complicated! You’ve done the research, set up the account and had things running for a little while. But what’s next?

Reading the data of course – analysis!

Some people are great at the setup and the creative side of PPC accounts but fall short at thorough analysis and reporting.

Even the word analysis can make those little hairs on the back of your neck stand up. 

It doesn’t have to be that way though. If reading data isn’t your thing, don’t worry, here are some tips to make PPC analysis just that little bit simpler.

Sort first, pull after

Getting the data can be easy and quick but you only one to have to do it once.

Before you start pulling data from the relevant sources, there are a few things you need to consider.

Scope such as data sources and time frames.

Metrics, think about what numbers you need to complete the analysis.

What about dimensions? What kind of segmentation will you need?

Also, consider structure, does the data need reshaped for any reason?

On top of this, you should also have a general plan of how you approach the problem.

What tools are you using to manipulate the data?

Plan ahead – have a rough idea of the steps you are going to help you save time overall.

Have a goal from the get go

Referring to my first point about being prepared, I can’t stress more about the importance of setting your goals and objectives from the start.

It will help to give you more direction if you have a specific question in mind that you need to answer.

Where are we wasting money? Why is our budget draining so quickly? What times/days of the week should we allocate more spend to increase conversions? That sort of thing.

A treat for the eyes

It is so easy to tire yourself out weeding out the data, numbers can start to look the same and merge together completely, a very headache inducing task indeed!

When looking for insights, graphs can be incredibly useful in both finding answers and displaying your findings.

As humans, we are very visual and are designed to look for patterns. These can be hard to find when scrolling through an Excel sheet.

Using tables, graphs and charts you can take away data a lot quicker and clearer. Make them look pretty and create a template for future work – add some excitement into the exercise!

Use pre-existing tools or automate

Google Ads Report

This may seem obvious to some, but if there’s a solution available which is built to help you with the task in hand, go for it!

There’s no point trying to do things the hard way.

There’s a lot of free resources out there as well as paid services that have tools built in at your disposal. Google Ads itself has a prebuilt drag and drop reporting option so try it out!

Of course there’s a lot more in depth, time consuming, nitty-gritty bits and pieces that come with a full PPC analysis, but I think each point can significantly help guide you when tackling all your data.

By practising analysing the data, over time you will get your own feel for what works and how you can do things more efficiently.

Good luck!

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