Setting goals for your business

‘You can do anything you put your mind to’

One of the more common inspirational quotes to date.

It has a nice feel good ring to it and can be used in any context. so whoever it is directed at, can really take away a positive note from that sentence.

I know I use it. I know the value of those words and when it comes to business, they are gospel.

That means if you do as it says, and by that I mean actually doing, then get off that behind of yours and get the ball rolling.

There’s no denying how important business goals are – to be able to do anything you put your mind to, first you need to know what your anything is, and that my friend – is your goal.

Setting goals will provide great structure and framework to work within, as well as giving you a clear way of measuring progress. So time to completely focus on the specifics and make a move on putting that plan of yours into action!

Taking your time?

Setting any business goals doesn’t have to be all time consuming. Even taking little baby steps is a step in the right direction! Spend 30 mins of your day jotting down what you want to achieve in the short term, then do the same the next day for the long term. Anytime you find yourself thinking of a new idea, write it down it all helps. Don’t waste time waiting for the right time to start. As time waits for no one, there’s nothing quite like the present.

You have to make it SMART people!

Avoid wasting time working on goals that aren’t SMART and by that I mean:






If your goals aren’t SMART then you’ve already lost the battle before it’s even begun! Using this tool helps you to work towards reachable and attainable ongoing or end goals.

See for yourself..

Set a time when you can sit and organise your goals and do anything that helps – reminders on your phone, calendar at home, even the biggest whiteboard known to man setting up camp in the corner of the office! The bigger the better I say! How can you possibly ignore that? Make a visual of your goals so you can physically see them everyday. When you are constantly reminded of what you need to achieve, you are more likely to achieve it. Not just you but your employees, colleagues, well everyone!! Even throw in a little catchphrase for the sake of it, get you and everyone you can to practise and exercise it and see just how powerful of a mantra that can be!

Get tracking!

Treat your business as a baby. Start thinking about how much time you’re investing into it and know that every move you make is a learning curve. It needs well looked after and a lot of love and nurture to grow. Track the progress you’re making and adjust it specifically to your business needs. By doing so you will be able to highlight areas you’re doing well and the areas you need to spend more time.

Celebrate good times…

Although, ultimately, you will have the biggest goal in your sights. The biggy, the most important, the absolute desire of which you’ve built this whole world around. You’re forgetting one thing – don’t forget to celebrate your success! That means anything along the way you may have achieved, any other pivotal moment that has carried you to where you are now.

Just stop…

Take a minute…

Think about it…

And celebrate it!

Rejoice in the fact you’ve reached a major checkpoint in your plan.

Don’t underestimate the little achievements, they all add up to the ultimate goal and make sure you show your appreciation to everyone who helped you to get there.

High fives all round!!!


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