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Search Terms Report – How It Works & What To Look For

Search Term Reports are used to understand what users are actually typing in to Google to trigger your ad.

A common questions:

‘Why do the Search Terms Report results not match the keywords in my account?’

The answer:

Search terms that are listed depend on your keyword matching options, therefore there may be a bit of a difference between the search term results and your keyword list.

Those of you with a good PPC background will (I hope) be familiar with the Google Ads Search Terms Report.

However, if you don’t have any involvement in the day to day management of your account, it’s worth becoming familiar with the report to help understand what keywords your business is showing for.

Why Is The Search Terms Report Useful?

Search terms show insights into the key phrases customers are actually typing when triggering your ad. It is a great way to help you to identify new keywords.

It is also crucial for identifying negatives keywords.

If your ad is being triggered by a search term that is irrelevant to your business, you will want to exclude it from your account to prevent wasted spend. 

There are multiple match types and different ways you can use them to your advantage in PPC.

However , exact match is the match type that allows the most control over search terms. Exact match only triggers, exact, close variants or search terms deemed to have the same meaning as your keyword i.e. “women’s” might show for “ladies”.

The ‘Match Type’ column on the report allows you to see how closely the search terms that triggered your ads on Google are related to the actual keywords in your account.

You can refine match types for all your keywords by seeing which match types are working well for which keywords and searches.

The ‘Keyword’ column helps to see which keywords triggered what search term. You can use this data to improve your keyword list and cross match negatives.

Filtering The Data

As you export and look into your Search Terms Report the most useful way to filter is by ‘Added/Excluded.’ and volume.

Remember that ‘Added’ are search terms that match a keyword which already exists in your account and ‘Excluded’ are search terms you’ve already excluded and should exist in your negative keywords too.

Anything labelled ‘none’ are search terms which have yet to be categorised as a new keyword in your account or a negative. These are the ones you need to focus your attention!

The search terms report process is a key way of cleaning up your account. It should be a regular part your PPC account management.

Whether you’re in the driving seat of your own PPC account or someone else is running the show, communicate or work together to get the best understanding of the search terms you want related to you and your business or product.

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