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Schedule Facebook Ads With Automated Rules

A lot of people are comfortable with scheduling Facebook ads to run with the use of ad set start and end dates. But, did you know there is another way? 

If you’re feeling experimental and feel like a change is on the cards, you can try this different way of turning ads on and off with automated rules. 

Here are our 5 quick steps to help you do just that.

Step 1 – Go to your ads in the account that you want to schedule.

Step 2 – Select those ads, click the ‘Rules’ drop down option and then select ‘Create A New Rule’.

Step 3 – Set up a rule for your ads to turn on. Change the action to ‘Turn on ads’ and then under condition make sure you choose ‘Current Time’ and then choose ‘is between’. Now choose the date and time you want your ads to start.

Step 4 – Select the same ads and go through the above process but this time make sure your rule is to turn the ads off. To do this you can either choose the condition to be ‘Current Time’ and ‘is between’ or ‘is greater than’. Choose ‘is between’ if your plan is for these ads to run again and choose ‘is greater than’ to make sure those ads stay off forever completely. 

Step 5 – Go to your accounts automated rules section and double check that your rule saved correctly to avoid any setbacks moving forward.

What are the benefits of using Automated Rules To Schedule Ads?

There are two ways this method is really quite helpful. 

Firstly, it stops you from having to make new ad sets all of the time. By doing this you can keep ads all in one place for easy access where you can also compare them more clearly. 

Secondly, this method helps to make sure you aren’t resetting the learning phase of the Facebook algorithms on your ad sets.

Each time you recreate the ad set, it needs to go through an initial testing and learning phase so this method really can come in handy if you are looking to avoid that.

It’s all about trying different ways to do things and seeing what the best fit is for you and your accounts. 

Hey, saving time in the process is an added bonus too!

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