Online advertising v.s Old school

When you own a business, you want to make sure that every penny spent towards marketing it counts.

There are so many options these days, you need to find a way that works best for you.

In this new and continually developing technological day and age, many people think that traditional advertising is obsolete.

Now digital marketing is the new traditional. Others could argue that the good old fashion way always prevails!

Let’s take a look at both and see how you can make the best decision on what’s best for your business…

Old school advertising – the good stuff!

By using more traditional methods such as radio, you are able to reach a larger audience and specifically a more local audience. When you know approximately how many people are tuned in and listening, you know how many potential customers you are faced with. Of course the 60,000 listeners aren’t all rushing to queue around you all at the same time, but by increasing the numbers you are exposing your business to is a fantastic way to go. The bigger the audience, the bigger the chances!

Flyers and business cards are amongst the most recognised forms of advertising and they still play a major role today. They are hard copies that can be taken anywhere and re-read over and over. The results may not be immediate and they may be more costly to produce than online ads but they will last. People can stick that flyer on their fridge or put that business card in their wallet for a later date, even keeping to recommend.

Another thing to consider is how successful you can be targeting a more specific audience, particularly the more matured market. A lot of older people may not be clued up about the wide world that is all things digital and prefer to stick to what they know – the traditional way. They feel more comfortable and familiar to the ways they are accustomed to. So you would need to think carefully how an all digital campaign would engage with a more seasoned audience, if that’s who you were looking to target.

Advertising online means an advert that can easily be missed. How quick can you scroll down a page without even looking at the whole content? With traditional methods, we tend to remember what we see and hear the more we are exposed to it, thus making us more likely to use that piece of information if we need to. Those TV and radio adverts with the catchy little jingles – I bet you could sing them on cue! I know I can but I will save you the despair! Even billboards, leaflets, business cards – they are all effective because they stick. Our brains compartmentalise the information and allows us to pluck it out at a later date. It’s a matter of the mind. Isn’t psychology great!

Online advertising – the good stuff!

By advertising online through digital marketing you can reach a lot more customers for less money than you would spend on traditional advertising. The group of potential customers you can reach online is a lot larger than you can reach locally. This is important because it is more difficult for smaller businesses trying to compete with their larger counterparts for ad space. Using affordable digital marketing tactics you can get more for your money by being visible to anyone around the world. Talk about going global!

How can you be sure the marketing campaign your running is effective? With traditional marketing you may get a surge of customers suddenly but could that just be coincidence? Who knows! By going digital, you can measure every tactic you are using at anytime and use the data to make tweaks to optimise your campaign. You can effectively manage your marketing budget by spending your money more efficiently. Build your knowledge while your at it, use the insights to help you run successful campaigns in the future!

Some could say that old school advertising is like finding a needle in a haystack, the ads you are sending out are to everyone and not very specific. With digital marketing you can target the exact market you want and no longer worry that you’re spending money on ads that won’t reach your likely customers. Phew!!

Converting customers online is easier than picking up a phone or physically going out to a shop. With a click of a button or a tap of a finger, they can reach your website and make a purchase – much more convenient wouldn’t you agree?

Now you know the benefits of both you can decide which would be better suited to your marketing campaign.

They each have great potential in driving your sales and therefore your success.

In my opinion, I think they are both awesome and you would be overseeing a lot of opportunity if you didn’t consider a mix of the two.


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