Money Talks…But So Does Determination

Does money talk?

Let me paint a picture.

Two people come to you for help.

You only have time to help one of them but who do you choose?

The first one asks you for a favour and explains if you can’t help them then they will be let go at work immediately.

The next asks you for the same favour but offers you £2,000 if you help them instead.

Which are you more likely to pick?

Sure the first person appeals to our more emotional side, but think of what you could do with that money.

Especially someone who would completely benefit from the financial gain.

Boiler broke? Need a car? Vets bills need paid?

The list is endless, the temptation is real.

I bet the majority would take the money.

From a different perspective.

In business, let’s say you’ve started selling makeup products. You have a small influx of customers at the moment, not enough to break even and the reality is you’ll be lucky to keep it afloat till the end of the year.

How can you break through that titanium market and become a millionaire? Times are hard in this Kardashian era. How easy for Kylie Jenner to put her foot in the door and become the youngest self-made billionaire aged 21.

Would she be global if she was an average joe from a working class family? Highly unlikely.

People born into privilege come from families already established. From politicians to celebrities and royalty, they don’t just have wealth in common but another significant factor comes into play – contacts. If you know someone who can take your business off like a rocket and you’ve got the money to do it, it’s looking good isn’t it?

These days we are all faced with an economical situation where to be of any importance in the world you have to be rich. But the real importance is what’s inside the individual and not their bank account. Excuse the cheese, sorry! The less support you have to starting a successful business, the harder you’ve got to work.

It can be done, it’s not entirely out of reach so don’t give up all hope anytime soon.

Focus on the positives, accept the fact it will be hard going at times but think about what you can achieve if you really work at it.

Think about people you may know who can be of value to you, any friends, colleagues or acquaintances who are relevant to your business or may require your services. But don’t hesitate to help out in other ways. Maybe you can be of assistance when you’re off the clock? You can really build and strengthen any relationship by making it a two way street! You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours right? There’s a lot of trust that can be built between you and whoever by showing them how reliable, consistent and genuine you are. You could even give great recommendations to others and build your connections tenfold!

The road ahead may be slow but if you’ve got a solid set of foundations to start at the bottom, the only way is up!

Who knows? You could be the next Richard Branson!!!

So it’s true money does talk…

And it speaks volumes…

But determination is just as loud.

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