Mixing Business with Pleasure

Today’s society is programmed to believe that ‘business’ and ‘pleasure’ are two separate entities, at opposite ends of the work-life scale and that the two worlds should never collide. However, we believe that success and happiness ultimately boil down to a healthy balance of both. How much pleasure would you get from work if you could never create and grow personal relationships? And what if you have fantastic business opportunities at your fingertips through your personal circle that you’re currently leaving untapped?

We have a few tips on how to create the perfect balance, and enhance your business success…

Striking the right balance

Crossing the line between business and pleasure can be detrimental if taken too far. Relationships naturally develop over time, and if the lines of authority become blurred, you can be left in a tricky situation. Stamping your authority from a business perspective could become difficult through fear of destroying personal relationships and your business could suffer as a result. On the other hand, personal relationships could break down, which will leave your business environment awkward and unmotivated. Tread carefully!

Utilising friends’ skillsets

How many times have you been presented with a business opportunity and you’ve instantly thought of that one person you know who would be fantastic for the job? The fear of working alongside a friend has probably put you off from pursuing this avenue before but don’t let it! Hiring a friend who you know can and will do the job to the very highest level is absolutely something you need to do more of. Plus, you’re in a position where you can trust them as your personal relationship is already established. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Just because you like someone, doesn’t mean they’re the right fit

There may be a friend who is looking to find their way in a business sense, and they approach you to ask if you have any work to send their way. On a personal level, they’re a great friend and have many fantastic qualities but bringing them into your business would be detrimental to your success. For an easy life, it would be simple to give them the working opportunity, but you have to put your personal feelings to one side and think with your business head. Offer support in how they can further develop their business skills but explain that at this moment in time, working together just isn’t possible. They’ll appreciate your guidance and support and respect your business decision.

Ask for business referrals

Now, we know that asking family and friends for business referrals can seem embarrassing but plucking up the courage to can be extremely beneficial. They’re likely to know at least one person who could benefit from your business services and by opening the door for you to meet with them, you could be adding a few more clients to your portfolio before you know it! One thing you need to be clear in communicating with your nearest and dearest is that you want them to be completely honest with regard to your business services, and whether there may be areas you could improve on before being introduced to their business prospects.

Maintaining client relationships

Maintaining and improving business relationships is vitally important to business success, so the odd lunch meeting or invitation to a work-related event/party is a great idea. That said, befriending clients as a result of frequent social activity can result in the loss or breakdown of relationships, and you’ll then be left in a spot of bother.

Keep your business goals at the top of your agenda

Everyone loves to have a great time, and whilst we think it’s a good idea to introduce more pleasure into your business activity, you mustn’t get too caught up in the fun factor. Remember, to enjoy great business success requires a lot of time, focus and dedication so getting caught up in the social element of things can have a negative impact on what you can achieve from a business perspective.

So, find that perfect balance in mixing business with pleasure, we’re confident that it will lead to an enjoyable and successful life both in and out of the office!









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