Make The Most Of Your Low Key Budget

Even the smallest fish in the pond can still have the biggest aspirations.

We all want to aim high and reach for the stars. But sometimes within marketing we are limited by our resources, especially when it comes to budget.

So what can you do to knock your PPC campaign out of the park when you’re limited by budget?

If you need some reach. Consider a shared campaign budget approach to help stretch the pennies. Or, if instead you want to maximise your overall return, consolidate down and reallocate budget to the areas you have working already.

Remarketing. This is your second chance of converting those users who have previously shown interest in your business by visiting your website. You can target those users specifically by showing your ads to them as they are either searching again online (RLSA) or browsing Google and its partner sites . 

Tighten up your targeting. Make sure you are targeting only the locations your business is operating in. Overlay your targeting with some Google audience lists that are relevant to your target audience and assign your money on a smaller, more  refined set of keywords to help focus in on those people ready to convert.

There you have just 3 simple ways of maximising your PPC campaign when using a capped budget.

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