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How You Can Promote Your Brand With Showcase Shopping Ads

Potential customers flock to Google to search and discover. So it’s often the first place they will go to find a new brand or discover a new product.

When shoppers use broad search terms on Google, they aren’t completely sure what exactly it is they want to buy or where they want to buy it.

You can use Showcase Shopping ads to differentiate your brand and influence shoppers at the start of their purchase journey.

How do Showcase Shopping Ads work?

For broad queries, Showcase Shopping ads appear as collapsed ads. When a user taps on a collapsed ad, it expands to reveal more information about the brand by featuring a preview of products.

When a user taps on the URL or header image of an expanded ad, they are taken to the advertisers website, but if they tap on any of the individual products on the expanded ad, they will reach the respective product page on the site.

Key benefits of using Showcase Shopping ads

Expand the reach of your Shopping campaigns beyond Product Shopping ads.

This type of ad gives you the opportunity to inspire shoppers by using beautiful lifestyle images and custom copy.

A fantastic way to differentiate your brand, website or merchandise!

You can curate the header image, headline, description and destination URL, and choose whatever category of products you wish to highlight.

This is where good old Google comes into play because out of those products, Google will determine the most relevant ones to include in the expanded ad, based on the search term used by the potential customer.

Showcase Shopping ads influence users shopping online at the very start of their purchase journey.

Drive users down the purchase funnel by using Google’s audience products and you can target and re-engage shoppers who interact with your Showcase Shopping ads throughout their full customer journey.

Start capturing users at the beginning of their journey now and drive your ultimate long term goal – success!

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