How to make your Google Ads great!

Do you struggle to write the ad copy for your Google Ads? 

It can be so annoying at times, since you only have a tiny space to fit in all the amazing things you want to say about your business. How do you do it? 

There’s competitors right, left and centre and you are fighting to stand out! 

You’ve got to get creative and clever and make sure you’re writing ads that are more attractive to the consumers eye.

Have a look at our tips to help you write ads that are too good to be missed!

Get creative and get testing!

You can turn your campaign into a little experiment for research purposes by creating more than 1 ad. Best practice is to create between 3 and 5 ads which include variations of your keywords, your product/service, your USP’s (unique selling points) and of course a CTA (call-to-action).

Get creative with it and make sure all ads vary, then when you run your ads you can test them and see which one is performing the best and engaging most with your audience. Consider both Click Through Rate and Conversion Rate when reviewing your ads performance. You usually aim to have 2 “winners” in your account and 2 “contesters”.

Power words

In PPC advertising, there are some words that copywriters have found to be the most effective in convincing their audiences to engage with their business. These are called power words. Think along the lines of making it all about the reader, what words attract them more and what words are less aggressive. 

A couple of examples of power words are, instead of trying to sell your product with text such as ‘We are the best’ you could have a little play on it with the word ‘you’. So now you could have ‘The best for you’ which can have a much more positive impact. This helps make a connection with the reader by making it about them and not about the business. Or how about the word try? Taking the pressure off the reader to ‘buy’ gives you the chance to connect with readers who aren’t quite ready to commit to buying, without overwhelming them.

Add numbers and be specific

Since numbers are easy to read and digest, you could incorporate them into your ad copy to make it more appealing and accurate. Being specific  by using numbers in your ad gives it more credibility and if you want to give your ad the chance to perform even better, be exact with the numbers! 

Have you ever seen an advertisement along the lines of ‘by using us 2,000 people have successfully’…’ and so on, and you’ve wondered how convenient that exactly 2,000 people have successfully used that company? Coincidence? Probably not! But the truth is, the more specific you are, the more believable you become to a reader. 

Use countdown timers

Not much motivates your potential customer more than the risk that they might be losing out on something soon. You can boost your Google Ads click through rate and conversion rates by using loss aversion – the psychological notion that people have a tendency to prefer avoiding losing than gaining. Implement Google’s simple countdown function within your text ads. All you have to do is set the end date and your ad will include a real time countdown. Readers who see your ads will be motivated to click your ad through their own fear of loss, a perfect way to give you the upper hand against competitors who aren’t using the tool.

Keep it current

How do you feel about things that are relevant and current? Do you feel more excited and emotional about things that are happening now or something that happened months ago? The same can be said for your Google Ads! Adding numbers is great sure, but people care less about how many satisfied customers you had in 2015 than you have now. Give the reader something fresh to work with instead, e.g. ‘197 satisfied customers this month’, and see an increase in your engagement.

Show the end goal of your product

Stand out from competitors by advertising what people are looking for from using your product. E.g. you run a teeth whitening company, rearrange the wording so that you aren’t asking the readers ‘Want whiter teeth?’ but more to the point of ‘Get white teeth today!’ By doing this can gain the edge and give the customers what they want.

Time to test and watch the clicks roll in

So you’ve created the copy but don’t stop there! You’ve still got to test test test! You will have to engage in A/B testing, filter out underperforming ads and continue to maintain and manage your overall Google Ads account. It does take a lot of work but at least you know how to grab the attention of readers with your super duper attractive Google Ads!

So go get those conversions and make your ads a success!!

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