How to get more followers – Building your brand on social media

I think it is fair to say we all have had a love/hate relationship with social media at some point. There are pro’s and con’s to be considered when using it, especially when building a business, but just how important can it really be?

Think about it for a second.

The influence,

The power!

And better yet it’s free (for now).

So how can you build your brand on social media and put your stamp on the business world with just a swipe of a finger or a click of a button?

Take a look at exactly what you can do to build your followers and get building that network.

Relevant? Followed!

Sounds easy doesn’t it, but yes the first thing you need to do is follow follow follow! However, you must make sure that who you are following is relevant to your business. Sometimes you may be followed back by some of these people, but you will spend most of your time hunting around for more people to follow. Try looking for people in groups, chats or lists with anything relating to your business.

Here I am!

Let’s not forget the importance of your presence in the social media world now. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever it may be! Make your profile attractive, exciting, professional and informative and draw those followers in like a moth to a flame! Nobody cares about basic Betty’s bland pictureless page now do they? What was she selling again?

Get your profile pic, logo, images, colours, bio, anything you can think of and boom!

You have your business page.

Sharing is caring

Now you’re there floating around in the techno world just hanging around, it might be worth putting pen to paper. Or as the kids these days call it, writing a blog. You’ve got your page so now is the time to start sharing posts, pictures and articles – anything to show the world what you’re about and keep you relevant and up to date with the updates. Share share share!

What time is it?

People often fall for the misconception that constantly posting all day long will get their business noticed. However this can, in turn, be detrimental. Focus on posting and sharing things that are more valuable and post them at specific times of the day e.g. when people are on their lunch break or commuting to and from work. Then you are more likely to be seen and noticed. Remember, quality over quantity!

Who? Me?

You’ve made your mark on social media and people like what they see.

But who exactly are you? Are you who you say you are? An excellent way to establish a better rapport of followers is show them the real you!

Yeah, you, I’m talking to you!

Upload screen recordings, video’s and podcast’s to your page and see how well you can engage your audience and attract more followers.

It’s all about the #

Ahh, the old hashtag eh? You bet!

Hashtags are the language of social media, more commonly used on Twitter and Instagram. When the right ones are used you can quickly gain new followers because when people search for the word you’ve used then your page will come up. Be sure to look the word up first though so you aren’t associating anything that could be damaging to your business.

Be smart and keep it relevant people!

A little competition never hurt anyone

Why not make your page fun and exciting by running a competition or two?

It’s a fantastic way to engage people and catch possible clients hook, line and sinker! It doesn’t have to cost the users anything other than a like, comment or share on your posts and they could be in for a chance to win a prize. We all like a freebie and the best part is that the amount of people who view your posts will multiply quicker since every time someone does like, comment or shares your post, their followers will see too!

Talk about networking!

And finally, don’t forget to visit your social media insights to see what is and isn’t working for you. See what posts have had the best response from your viewers and followers and you will know exactly what material works best for you. It’s forever a learning curve.

Don’t expect to become a social media superstar overnight but with these tools to guide you, you are well equipped to make a dent and be known in the big wide business world.

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