How to drive store traffic using mobile devices

More than half of searches are performed on mobile devices, which isn’t hard to believe since the first thing we do when we think of a search term at that moment is to, get out our mobile and Google it. 

We all do it! From the business side of things, you have a whole sea of opportunity right at your feet (or the users fingertips more like) to net as many customers as you can. You can use online methods too, even for those businesses who prefer getting customers to their store, and here is how you can, using a Google mobile ad campaign. Here are the 4 steps:

Show your business locations with Google My Business



You can set up a Google My Business profile so local mobile users will always see your most current profile when they search for you or things related to you. Your profile will include your address, phone, hours of operation and location on Google Maps as well as reviews and photos to make you really stand out to the mobile users. 

Add location extensions to your mobile ads



Once your Google My Business profile is linked to your Google Ads account, you can include the location extension to your campaign so the address link shows up with your ads. Keep in mind that I you wanted your location to appear on specific ads in your campaign, you can remove it from that campaign level and add it only to the ad groups themselves.

Target ads to customers near you



You can get your ads to appear to mobile users at times when it is easier for them to come into your store when they are nearby. When on the location page you can set a target radius around the locations and select a distance of how many miles around that location you want your ad to appear. You can also the city to the location to target the city as a whole and ensure that more people can see your ad, not just the target radius. Once you have done that you can increase the bids for mobile devices within that radius to encourage users who are nearby, therefore more likely, to come and visit your store.

Show ads during your hours of operation



As to not disappoint your customers, you want your ads to show only for the hours your business is operating. By editing your Ad schedule and entering your store operating hours, users can only see your ads when you are open.

Those days of conventional shopping are over! Smartphones now are at the forefront of the way in which people shop, even if they aren’t buying online, users are using their mobiles to look at prices, check inventory and find the stores nearest to them. So it’s a case of traditional shopping integrated with digital shopping giving advertisers an opportunity to target the relevant audiences at just the right time. Whether they are searching for products online or within a desired proximity to your business location, chances are they are likely customers, meaning more chance of your success!


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