Time for change

How to adapt to a changing market

Like a lot of things, there are times when businesses and clients will be affected by seasonality or current events. When this does happen you should always try to act immediately to avoid as much negative impact on your PPC accounts as possible. Here are three quick actions you can take when any given event can affect your account performance.

Assess your budgets and ads

Usually when things impact PPC accounts, lowering budgets anywhere from 20-60% can help to curb the loss in performance and prevent ads from showing in irrelevant searches. This gives you the time to come up with a plan on how you wish to approach the situation and how best to utilise spend moving forward. Make sure you discuss any budget decreases with any clients ahead of time to ensure you aren’t missing any data. This can be important in instances where a business can lose revenue very quickly.

Now is also the time to assess your ads. Ensure it’s sensitive to the current situation and increase visibility to your services to adapt to current circumstances. Whatever you do offer, be sure to include it into your ad copy and ad extensions to stay current and keep users interested in your product or service.

Use Google Trends

Google Trends is a fantastic tool to use to get a real understanding of how popular keywords are on any topic you choose. It is great because you can use it to search for trends outside of the UK and for different languages too! If you look at the last 7 days you tend to get the most recent data especially by typing in some high performing keywords. For example, if you used an open ended keyword such as ‘flights to’ (and using my favourite feature, ‘Top’ and ‘Rising’ related queries), you can get a real sense for which destinations are seeing an increase in demand so you can action accordingly. Here you can decide to add them as new keywords, increase your bids or add them as negative keywords in your account.

It is also great to identify new trends, so in the recent Covid-19 outbreak Google trends has reported significant growth in terms such as ‘working from home’ and ‘how to keep busy during quarantine’. You can look at new and upcoming trends and strategise your marketing plan to adapt to this.

Think ahead always

When situationally, things are out of your control, during these times you will have a lot more time on your hands. What better way to use it than to have a complete overhaul of your PPC accounts?

You can restructure, evaluate creative performance and more importantly, start planning your comeback. And we all know how much everyone loves a comeback am I right?

There’s a strong possibility that the competition you will face is going to be a lot higher than usual so plan now how you can be ahead of them and up your game. Build your audiences, although you’re likely to see a dip in traffic to your site, you’re still getting visitors who are interested in what product or service you offer but don’t really feel like committing until whenever circumstances change.

The most valuable thing you can do in any uncertain time is to not lose sight of your goals, no matter how tempting it is when things aren’t running as usual.

Set aside some time each day to review your accounts and any circumstance that directly impacts you or your clients. Keep in touch with them so everyone is on the same page and up to date with any actions you are taking or going to take into the near future.

Planning ahead really is key to being as relevant as you can be when things get back up and running so make sure you are prepared and be the best that you can be!

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