Hooray For The NHS!

Last night the whole of the UK united for the great round of applause to show great appreciation to the NHS working tirelessly throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Even Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister led the way from 10 Downing Street to applaud all those front line workers, and not just the NHS but all the key workers such as public service personnel, health and social care workers, teachers, transport workers etc. It’s amazing how as a country we can show extraordinary unity and teamwork amidst this pandemic which, world over, is the worst thing to happen in history since WW2.

The spirit shown by our healthcare workers is second to none. I’ve come across many videos where the hospital staff have got together and made videos singing and dancing in the wards as a nod to the incredible work the whole of the NHS are continuing to practise. Lifting the spirits of the sick and the vulnerable at the same time, giving us all taste of light in these darker and uncertain days.

As I write this, Boris Johnson has just announced that he has tested positive for Coronavirus and now, hopefully after abiding by his own rules, he will fully recover from this virus as well as all of those affected. He also just announced as it stands now, 600,000 Britons have volunteered to help the NHS, somewhat putting their own neck on the line as it were.

At 8pm last night I was totally overwhelmed at the amount of people who were, like me, waiting to show our complete admiration for the National Health Service. As the time came and we all clapped, the fireworks went off, the blue lights flashed and people cheered, an unspoken understanding swept over us like a tidal wave of emotion. If anyone didn’t have a true feeling of the velocity and severity of the situation and what the NHS are faced with on the front line, they do now.

No matter who you are or where you come from, what class or social status you ‘belong’ to, we are all human and all have this one thing in common. A mutual understanding of how precious life is and the importance of preserving life at all costs, with the somewhat drastic measures the government and NHS are going to for us.

We all stand together in solidarity and hope, wait and pray that as many of us come out the other side ready to resume life, as usual. We are living through a part of history and although Coronavirus is continuing to rule the headlines globally every minute of the day, when this is all over and done, the story that should leave the biggest footprint, even just for this country, will be the efforts of the NHS.

NHS we love you,

You’re all doing amazing,

Stay safe!!!


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