Google Ads Update

Google Ads Update; Changes To tCPA and tROAS Bid Strategies

Yet another announcement from Google – the change to bid strategies.

On the 23rd February, Google announced via the Google Ads Developer blog (here) about upcoming changes to target CPA and target ROAS bidding strategies.

From April, 2021, Google will switch from the traditional Target CPA and Target ROAS to focus on layering these as thresholds  across Maximise Conversions and Maximise Conversion Value respectively.

To break it down:

Google Update






Note – there will be no impact to bidding behaviour due to these changes.

Google has not confirmed when tCPA and tROAS will retire, however some advertisers will start to see changes from April 2021.

Based on the update so far, there is no immediate need to change anything until threshold limits are applied.

Keep an eye out for a further update.