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Google Ads – The 4 Automated Rules You Should Be Using

I really do believe that people should embrace automation more and more. When used correctly, automation can work as your little sidekick in helping you to fine tune your campaigns.

Let’s take a look at 4 Google Ads automated rules you should be trying.

Increase CPC bids

Increasing CPC bids reviews all your enabled keywords and increases bids every time certain requirements are met. 

The aim of increasing CPC bids is to gain additional exposure for converting keywords that are under the cost per conversion goal. 

Pause ineffective keywords

The whole point of this rule is to review and pause the non converting keywords.

I would say typically, use a time frame of 60 days because this will give you ample time to determine if a keyword is performing or not. 

Also, don’t forget to consider the impacts on assisted conversions. Just because things aren’t looking great from a last click perspective, doesn’t mean they aren’t helping overall.

Another good thing to remember is the role of keywords in your account. If you know that certain keywords don’t really drive last click volume but play a crucial part in the top of the funnel, you should take that into consideration when pausing ineffective keywords.

Increase bids on low IS keywords

By increasing bids on low IS keywords, you can make sure you are showing more often on top performing keywords.

The 3 metrics it uses are conversions, search lost IS (rank) and cost per conversion. Keep in mind that the numbers will always vary depending on the account and the account goals.

Receive emails for ineffective ads

With this rule, you get an email instead of making the changes.

Best PPC practice is that you should always have 3-5 ads running in every ad group, but that’s not always the case unfortunately.

This rules allows Google to send you an email so you can review all ad groups and pause ads accordingly.

These rules are a good start when dealing with the automated aspects of your account.

Of course you can go more in depth with them as you please, just don’t forget that the whole point of automation is that it is there to help and not be replacement for an advertisers work and mind.


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