Google Ads – Learn the basics

So you want to start advertising your business online.

Do you know how you can?

You can use platforms such as Google search, Youtube and even a choice from a million different sites across the internet – including top rated sites such as New York Times!

So what about this Google Ads malarkey and how does it work?

“Google Ads is an online advertising tool that helps businesses connect and engage with their customers. You create an online ad, tell Google Ads who you want to target then Google Ads brings your ads to them” – quoted by Google themselves, simple really.

So how can you grow your customer base via Google Ads?

  • Think about your business goals – who is it you want to target?
  • Decide on a daily budget – set up a campaign based on that budget.
  • Create ads that are clear and relevant to your product – this will include a link to your website.
  • Set up targeting within your campaign – what age group do you want to reach and include location.

When the campaign goes live your ads will appear in the relevant search pages and next to relevant content on sites in Google’s Advertising Network.

The group you wish to target will see your ad and connect with your business, giving you access to more potential customers.

That my friends, is the basics all covered but what makes Google Ads different from other main forms of advertising

Connect with the right customers as and when you please

You can target your campaigns to show your ads to exactly who you want, when you want. Consider using things such as location, age groups and keywords to make your campaigns more specific.

Cost control

There’s no minimum over how much you can spend which is another way Google Ads is so great. Having complete control over your own budget allows you choose exactly how much you spend on every ad, per day, per month.

Quick results to adjust and improve performance

See how many people see your ads, how many clicks you have to your website, how many users you have converted into customers etc. Google Ads has many tools and metrics you can use to help you determine how well your campaign is performing. And it allows you to make tweaks to your ads, try new keywords, even pause and restarting your campaign – all great ways you can optimise your account to get the most out of your ad spend.

Congratulations, you’ve learned the basics of Google Ads!

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