Getting to know Google Search Ads

The introduction of Google has significantly changed the way we live our lives. Think about it – whenever there is a time that you don’t know the answer to something, what do you do or say? “Google it”… and tada there is the answer right in front of you, and I mean we are talking about the answer for anything you can possibly imagine. And what else is great about it? Well it is instant.

And in the words of Google “Good things are worth searching for”

But what we want to know as marketers is how are potential customers using search

The answer – continuously. Users no longer use search when needed, but instead simply live there. According to Google “people conduct more than 100 billion Google searches each month.1”

Therefore as a marketer, if you can be there when a user is looking for your specific service or product then you are perfectly positioned to turn that user into a customer and make the sale.

Although we ‘live online’ users still have moments of both desire and need.

We realise we want those new designer shoes, or we need to get the boiler fixed. Being able to effectively appear to users during these moments of need will guarantee results.

And of course users search on the go. Mobile, Tablet, Desktops. As a marketer, you need to understand and ensure you appear in the search results during each of these journeys, Learn to identify and appear for searches that match what people are searching for at each stage.

So how do marketers deliver the right search results

Well there are many factors to consider when using Google Ads, but for now let’s focus on the 3 R’s of Google Search:

Reach – Engaging with customers in moments of need or when it really matters

Relevance – Getting the message right to ensure you answer the users search

Results – Focusing on outcomes and optimising towards what is and isn’t working, allowing you to improve your campaign performance over time

With Google, there is so much opportunity for marketers. Millions of searches done daily means that there is no end of possibilities, but just make sure to consider how to make your brand stand out and bring in those customers.


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