Finding ads on FB and IG

Finding Ads On Facebook And Instagram

Finding ads on Facebook and Instagram isn’t that difficult, you just have to know where to look and which menus you need to use during your search. There are a few different ways you can attempt to find an ad and it all comes down to if you’re trying to find your own ads or scope out those of your competitors.

Find Or Preview Your Own Ads

It’s important to be visually appealing on Facebook Ads.

Previewing your ads is easy enough if you are familiar with creating ads. One of Facebook features is a ‘real time’ preview as you fill out the ad image or text.

But is that really what your ad will look like online once you send it?

There can be some differences such as how big the ads actually look.

  • The bold headline doesn’t actually wrap to a second line
  • The description under the headline actually appears on the live ad
  • The URL preview is also much longer in the live ad

These are just some examples of how the preview differs from the live ad. Remember to preview your ads when they are live to get the best view of them.

How do you preview live ads? It’s simple really but you have to navigate in Facebook Ads Manager’s menus. When creating the ad, click on the box in the upper right corner and a pop up window will appear giving you a few options. The more placements you have chosen your ad set into then the more places you can preview your ad from here.

Finding A Competitors Ads

So you wanna get a bit of an insight about what your competitors are up to?

The Facebook Ads Library makes it easy to see who is running ads and what their ads say and look like.

The purpose of this tool is to help increase transparency on their platform.

But why not use it to your advantage instead?

Make a quick search for your top competitors to see some valuable information about their business, including all the ads they run, in which countries and what platforms.

This is a great way to find out what the competition is doing and you can look up any business too! Keep an eye out for new ad ideas, there is inspiration to be had here.

Be sure to check out your own business too!

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