Facebook Page Ads made simple

The best thing about Facebook

Facebook has the ability to connect with millions of users around the world at the click of a button, which is great when you’ve got a business to run! The more people who see your posts the better right? So why not take the next step and set up a business page so that you can promote yourself and your brand right where it’s needed!

Try page promotions

You can use Facebook Ads called page promotions which you create directly from your business page. A great benefit of using page ads is how fast you can create them because generally speaking, Facebook automatically suggests the text and images for your ad, great ey?

There are a few types of page ads promotions, enabling you to do different things to make you seen. 

Let’s take a look at how you can!

  • Boost your post – If you want an easy way to create an ad from your page, why not boost a post? By doing this, more people can see and engage with your page posts.
  • Boost an eventIf you create an event on Facebook you can boost your event to increase awareness and drive the sales of the tickets to your event if you wish.
  • Promote your pageDo this and see just how much your likes, comments and shares of your page increase.
  • Promote your call to action buttonIf you want to you can encourage potential customers to take an action you want them to take such as ‘sign up for free now’ or ‘get your free quote’.
  • Promote your business locallyYou can target people nearby and encourage them to visit your business premises, this is great for the restaurant industry.
  • More lead adsGet better business leads by requesting customer details through a contact form. Those who complete it are more likely to purchase your product.
  • More visitors to your websiteYou can use your ads to get users to visit your website directly meaning more visits.
  • Automated ads – By telling Facebook what is more important for your business such as goals and objectives, Automated Ads will provide a tailored advertising plan with step by step recommendations for the right ads for you and your viewers.

Whatever ad you choose, make sure that it is in line with the ad objectives of the specific goal of your business needs. It doesn’t have to stop there though, by using different ads with different objectives you can target a more specific audience. Maybe you want to raise brand awareness at first then increase your restaurant sales once you are more established? You can always ‘promote your page’ in the first place and then ‘promote your business locally’ further down the line.

Whatever you decide to do, Facebook is there to help you along the way and no ads are the be all or end all.

You can always make tweaks, as and when you want, to get the most out of your campaign performance.

Get creating and good luck!

We wish you every success!


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