Facebook ad placements

When it comes to Facebook

You can create so many types of ads that it can be hard to keep up with them all! And if you didn’t know already, your ads can reach users off Facebook altogether! Yep, that’s right, when you create a page ad it can be shown across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, in different places.

Interesting right?….

Facebook placements tend to be a more straightforward part of the Facebook Ads system so as long as you have the correct data available, you will always make smarter, more strategic decisions, without things getting too risky!

So where exactly can users see your ads?

Let’s take a look at the most popular ad placements,

Facebook news feed (mobile and desktop)

Your ads can appear in both mobile and desktop news feed. For people on Facebook using the app or mobile browser, as well as those accessing the website from their computers.

Facebook right column (desktop)

People using a computer will be able to see your ads in the right column on Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace 

When someone browses the Marketplace in the Facebook app on their phone or the Marketplace home page, your ads will appear.

Facebook suggested video

Users will be able to see your ads in the video feed on Facebook, more specifically, the suggested videos feed and the Facebook Watch feed.

Facebook stories

Your ads will appear on people’s stories on Facebook.

Messenger inbox

Users on Messenger will be able to see your ads in the home tab.

Instagram feed (desktop and mobile)

People who are using Instagram via the website on a laptop or computer can see your ad in the desktop feed. People using Instagram via the app on a mobile device or through a mobile browser can see your ad in the feed on mobile.

Instagram Explore

When someone clicks on a photo or a video, your ads will appear in the browsing experience.

Instagram stories

Those who are browsing stories on Instagram will see your ads.

So far so good, that’s a lot of placements!

As a general rule, Facebook recommends that you keep automatic placements turned on so that the ad delivery system can serve you as best as it possibly can to optimise your ad placement. You do have more control over where your ads can appear so if you want to make any changes you can – you can even have a little sneak preview at it. Keep in mind that all placements aren’t available for every single ad objective, so it’s up to you to customise and mould your ads how you see fit.

We look forward to seeing them!

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