Develop Your USP

Avoid falling into the trap of trying to please everyone, and instead focus your efforts on catering to your ideal customer group. A Unique selling point (USP), gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace, letting you stand apart from your competitors.

Why you need a USP

With so many options to choose from in your industry, it can be difficult for a potential customer to justify spending their time and money with your business.

That is where a USP comes in to play. It is your job to make your business stand out, make it memorable, make it different and make customers want to invest in you over your competitors.

You may argue that having an amazing product and outstanding customer service is the way to generating new customers and grow business. However differentiation is key and the process of distinguishing your business from others definitely includes the USP.

So how do you create your USP?

As with any aspect of business, there is no one-size-fits-all to creating a USP, but there are definitely some best practices to consider and apply when making your businesses USP.

Let’s talk them through:…

Steer clear of being ‘the best’.

Every company out there is of course striving to be the best. But don’t get lost in a sea of ‘we are the best…’ USPs and instead stand out by being different.

Take a holiday company as an example, with a USP stating ‘best holiday destinations’.

This approach is trying to reach every customer and due to the vastness of opinion of ‘best destination’, unless they cover every destination on the planet and refer to it as the best destination, then they are not catering to everyone’s needs.

Secondly if every destination is the best then surely none of them are too?

Instead a holiday company may be better picking out something different that makes them stand out, for example; “lowest air fare to …” or “ over XXX hotels to choose from” or “no booking fees”

Be specific, hit a targeted customer segment and establish and grow your place in the market.

Make It Personal

Yes it is absolutely fine to incorporate a strong personality into the companies brand and USP. Let’s face it, these days with the rise of influencers across social media, selling points are becoming more and more about the people who are promoting them.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t watch any nature / animal program that does not have David Attenborough as the narrator. Look at the success of Planet Earth, Blue Planet and more. To me BBC have tied their success of these programs to a personality – David Attenborough.

But take this approach carefully, making a personality part of your USP directly ties the companies success to the person. Meaning that to move away from that personality might mean negatively impacting the business.

Don’t Be Scared To Discriminate

It takes a lot of work to actually find that pool of customers who are your ideal. So when you do find it, utilise it in every way possible – including your USP.

Be cautious though, as targeting your ideal customer base might mean discriminating against everyone else.

Take “Yorkie – It’s Not For Girls” – you remember it right? It discriminates, right? Did people still buy it – yes.

You don;t have to be as full on as Yorkie and you can be more conservative with your approach. Gear your branding and USP towards your ideal customer base without aggressively discriminating against the rest of the nation, but you get the point.

Remember The Purpose

At the end of the day, your business USP is another way to help boost sales. It may be seen as a form of differentiation and it may make your business seem more fun or quirky but the end game is still to drive revenue, so be sure to:

  • Make a proposition – make the customer want to buy
  • Differentiate – do something your competitors are not
  • Make an impact – attract business now not later


So what does your business do differently?

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