Coronavirus and PPC

Coronavirus and PPC – are your accounts affected?

Amidst the global Coronavirus pandemic, the world is still turning and working life must go on until told otherwise.

Most businesses have been greatly affected by the Coronavirus and the digital world is no exception. Unless the product you’re selling includes hand sanitiser or toilet roll (even pasta!), the impact of the last few weeks on your PPC accounts is likely not that great.

With all that said, let’s look at some current and noticeable trends we’ve noticed in PPC and what we can all expect to see over the upcoming weeks and months.

Virus Search Trends

Although we’ve survived other global epidemics such the SARS outbreak and Swine Flu and the likes, none have caught as much attention as what the Coronavirus has.

This new strain of virus has seen a shockingly rapid increase in search interest. Although it may be argued that we are at the peak of interest in the virus, we ain’t seen nothing yet!

The next coming weeks are going to see extremely high levels of interest in comparison to the rapid decrease in interest of the other epidemics.

This is probably because of the upward surge of the use of the internet in the modern day technological world.

Interest levels are more likely to vary due to location, depending on the spread of the virus. Lookout for tremors in performance even when you think the dust is just starting to settle.

Increase In Cleaning Product Performance

On the contrary, there have been some positive effects since the acceleration of the virus spreading.

One example being that search interest has dramatically increased for cleaning and relative protective products.

The bad news is that only a small portion of advertisers are likely to benefit from this.

The good news is that as mentioned earlier, if your business sells anything from hand sanitiser to antibacterial soap, then you’re winning in these hard times. Your ROI should be culminating at a speedy rate.

Google Shopping

Good news for E-commerce retail advertisers too.

Due to the advice from the Government and the WHO, the public are taking extra precautions and isolating themselves to prevent contracting or spreading the virus.

As a result of this, more and more people are avoiding supermarkets and public places, thus choosing to shop online instead.

So Google Shopping as well as any E commerce search campaigns should see a vast increase in volume in the foreseeable future.

Keyword Volume Increases

It may seem like the most obvious out of the trends but Coronavirus terms are likely to be infiltrating your search queries.

Although your account might have zero relevance to Coronavirus or any related terms, you should when you can, double check your search queries for anything slightly suspicious or out of place.

These are worrying times, for some more than others, and these trends are just the beginning of the effect of COVID-19 on PPC, although not necessarily on your accounts.

Let common sense prevail and keep up to date with all Government advice and I’m sure the world as a whole, can bounce back from what will be in some time, a blip in history.

Good luck for you all working the grind and keeping business afloat as best you can right now.

And as the great Freddie Mercury once said, ‘The show must go on!’

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