Conversion Tracking

You might already be running a paid search advertising campaign or playing with the idea but wanting to know more? You get the basics, the whole cost per click thing you have your head around, but how can you use the data to know how well your ads are performing? Sure you might get sales, who’s to say it’s because of your ad campaign? Could it simply be down to coincidence? By using conversion tracking, you can find the answer! 

What is it?

Conversion tracking is a tool used in paid search advertising which shows you what happens after a customer interacts with your ads, whether it be calling your business or purchasing your product. Even signing up to your newsletter or downloading your app too!! Whatever action you want the user to perform once they visit your site, is what conversion tracking uses to give you a better understanding of who is interacting with your ads so you can adjust your ad spend accordingly to optimise them.

How does it work?

Conversion tracking works by adding a code snippet onto your website so when a user clicks on your ad, a temporary cookie is placed onto their computer or device. This means that when they get around to completing the action, as mentioned before, Google will recognise the cookie because of the code snippet, and it will be recorded as a conversion. 

Why should you use it?


  • Track ROI – We know that each click costs money, but how much are you reaping in sales versus how much you have invested into your product and campaign? Without being able to track those conversions, who could tell! 



  • Improve user experience – Find out how well your landing page and website experience is working for your customers or even if it is driving them away! You can see exactly where they leave and in that case, you can make your website user friendly and easy to navigate to give you a better chance of getting those sales!



  • Improve performance – The only way you can improve your campaign performance, is by setting goals and creating strategies so that you can monitor and make tweaks accordingly with the data you collect. There’s no point having a plan and never seeing it through! Being able to track conversions allows you to make valuable decisions when making the next move in your PPC campaign. Try creating around 3-4 ads and see how well they each perform, keep whichever 1-2 are doing the best and help improve that campaign by ditching the non- returning ads. 



  • Reach more target audience – You can track your results and gather valuable information about how to segment your audience so you can send specific and relevant material to those users who are more likely to want it. We’ve all been on the receiving end of spam like, unwanted and inconvenient emails, what a waste of everyone’s time right? By using the data you collect from conversion tracking, you can have added details about your target audience making it easier to market to them specifically.



  • Better allocate your budget – Internet marketing campaigns can be as costly as we choose but who wants to spend unnecessarily when we could be utilising that budget on what’s needed? Look at what’s working and what’s not, then it’s time to get rid!! Allocate your budget accordingly to your highest performing strategies and see how many more customers you can convert! 



  • Convert more – Are you happy with your conversion rate? Even if the answer is yes, why stop there? The more you track your conversion rate data the more in depth you can see exactly what’s working for your campaign and what isn’t. Allowing you to make better suited decisions to improve those strategies and increase those conversions. Your goal should always be continuous improvement!



  • Build on your historical data – Like we have said, improvement is key to making the most out of your campaigns. Why not aim to be at the top of your game? Although they say there is nothing quite like the present, you can still make for a better future. Once you have collected the data and made those sales, it doesn’t have to end there, why not start thinking longer term for future repeat business.  Your metrics from conversion tracking is a great base for you to work with for future marketing efforts should you want to use it later on down the line!

When faced with some benefits of conversion tracking, it’s hard to deny just how important it can be. Understand that collecting and analysing the data can be a bit daunting but the effort is minimal compared to the success you could gain!


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