Call extensions – Why you should be using them!

So you may or may not have heard about ad extensions, more so call extensions, but if you’re running an online marketing campaign then it might be something worth thinking about, then doing! All it means is that users who see your ad can click on a button to call your business directly, simple really! There are a number of reasons why you can benefit from using call extensions and here we have them just for you 🙂

They cost the same as a click

When people call you or your business, the intent is already there to convert into a customer, making them much more qualified leads than those who just click your ad. Since you can add call extensions for free and only pay when someone clicks your PPC ad, it’s great value for money don’t you think?

Increased ad visibility

Advertising online can be tricky as it is so competitive and everyone wants to be at the top! To help improve your ad position on the results page, you can use call extensions to make your ad stand out from your competitors. Even Google themselves claim that by doing so you can typically increase your click through rate, who can argue with that!

Turn them off outside of working hours

From my own personal experience, there’s nothing more off putting than trying to call a company direct from an ad and getting through to their answer phone. What did I do? Found someone else of course! What a waste of a business opportunity right? I bet I wasn’t the only one! The beauty about using call extensions is that you can adjust them to only appear on the days and times your business is operating. That way every single call can be handled by you or your staff, giving you the best chance to seal the deal.

Calls don’t bounce

In the world of digital marketing, no one likes a bounce, especially your budget! Who wants to pay the price of someone visiting your website and leaving? Unfortunately that’s the risk you take using PPC to drive traffic to your site in the hope to convert users. Calls don’t bounce so whoever it is who’s calling you wants to speak to you, rather than losing potential customers who visit and then leave your site without action.

It is measurable

Just like you can track numbers of clicks, Google Ads allows you to track the number of times people have clicked the extension to your phone number. You can also use a Google Forwarding Number if you really wanted to, at no extra cost too! By doing that you could get your hands on more data such as where the call came from and the length of the call etc.

Skip the conversion funnel and get straight to the point

If you don’t know already, your conversion funnel is the process of actions it takes for a user to navigate from your landing page to completing a conversion e.g. purchasing a product. Some customers are put off when they feel like they have to look hard to find what they want but never fear! Adding call extensions means they can contact you at the click of a button, so no more hunting around. Happy customers, happy you!

Reduce CPC

You should be thinking about your overall quality score and how it can affect how much you pay for your clicks. If you improve your quality score, you can significantly reduce your average CPC therefore potentially saving you a lot of money over the length of your campaign. Including great quality and relevant extensions on your ad will have a positive impact on your quality score just like the increased click through rate that comes with using call extensions. Winning!

So there you have it.

It’s amazing how something so simple can help to bring great results. 

Anything you can add to your ad to drive sales, lower your cost per click, improve your quality score and which is measurable, is not something to be overlooked.

With all that said, I personally think they are a fantastic way to optimise your ad and your chance of success. 


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