Business Luxuries – Why I love working weekends!

Taking risks is never an easy decision, especially when your responsible for others.

Making the leap from one job to another should always be considered carefully.

Be sure to follow your head AND your heart.

Do it when the time is right.

But when done right, it can be amazing!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who agrees working weekends should be made illegal!

Well that’s what I used to think!

That was before the opportunity to work with Freelancetosuccess arose.

Working weekends – only if I want to!

No more mundane monthly schedule, no more being made to work weekends. I can make weekends work for me!

Having the option to work the odd weekend doing something new, fun and exciting doesn’t seem like work does it?

Am I really getting paid to have fun?

My answer is yes! Yes I am! Those all important business meetings may seem daunting to some, but for me it is exhilarating!

Not having to worry about anything else other than me for a change.

Temporarily stripping myself from the title of someone’s mother for the day, how refreshing it is to replace it with my business one!

Home and away!

Of course working from home literally is what it says on the tin, well, for the majority. Being able to travel as well allows me to inject some excitement into my work, gives me a sense of moving forward by going out and grabbing that metaphorical bull by the horns. You’ve got to keep it moving!

Make it work for you

Personally I love the idea of working from home, choosing my hours, organising and travelling to that all expenses paid all day meeting!

When I want to.

You can do it all your own way or no way but one thing is true, to really be able to give your business the very best version of you:

Keep it professional,

Keep it innovative,

Keep it real!


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