Boosting Business – Make A Poll

These days in the social media world something as simple as making a poll can be very beneficial to your business. It’s a fun, quick and easy way to engage with followers with minimum effort from both sides.

People are more likely to answer a question with the tap of a finger than typing it. So to a viewer, a poll is much more attractive than a post where you have to type your answer in the comments.

You could maybe start by asking a question that is on everybody’s lips or a well known popular debate. What came first the chicken or the egg? Catch my drift? Also, most polls show the results instantly and I know personally when I answer a poll I am intrigued to see if I am part of the majority.

Polls are a great tool for market research too! You can use them to get feedback on products or services and more importantly, the customers can tell you exactly what they want! People are more likely to use your services if they know you are providing it to fit their requirements.

Don’t forget that topics that are already trending could be a way to get a better response as people already have an interest in the subject.

Finally, always ask followers to share and retweet your polls to help spread the joy to a much wider audience 🙂

And I don’t care what anyone says…

A Jaffa Cake is not a biscuit!!!

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