Benefits of using Straight to Amazon Facebook Ads

I know that personally, I would be lost without Amazon. Especially this time of year, the back end months where E Commerce sales skyrocket, more people are using online sources to buy what they need.

Of course it is the convenience which is the driving factor, why wouldn’t we want to use Amazon? Surely I’m not alone in the Amazon love fest?

But hold on there just a moment, are you a customer sucked into the digital world of well, everything? Or are you looking at the possibilities your faced with, as a business, and can see doors open for you and your brand as we speak?

You’ve been thinking about Amazon as another way to expand your paid search footprint and bring in more sales and you like the sound of using Amazon, have you considered using Facebook as a means to sell your products on Amazon too? By doing so you have much more scope with your landing pages so you can actually send the users who see your ads, straight to Amazon.

This Straight to Amazon Ads malarkey is exactly what it says on the tin. Instead of directing those potential customers of yours to your website when they click on your Facebook Ad, they are instead directed to your product pages on Amazon. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using Straight to Amazon Ads:

  • Smaller sellers have a bigger selling opportunity to sell their products with a better peace of mind from customers buying their products from Amazon.
  • Using the power of both Amazon and Facebook, you are faced with a much bigger and better opportunity to not only sell your product, but to keep those customers coming back for more, again and again.
  • You can increase your organic reach and search results by driving traffic to your Amazon pages. Not only do you increase sales and conversion rates, but customers are more likely to leave a review on your product too!
  • You don’t even need your own website to sell your products although from a business perspective, you would seem a lot more reputable if you did, even if you were just using Amazon to host your website inventory.
  • Make your stamp on the market and increase your chance of a sale – a lot of people are perturbed to buy from websites they haven’t seen or heard of before.

Using these types of ads are a great way for smaller brands to try and get their foot in the door when selling online, particularly if they are selling more competitive products. You can use creative ads to build up brand recognition without having to compete for more expensive keywords, all the while still getting the sales – it’s a no brainer!

Like all things in life there can be setbacks along the way but in my opinion, why not make full use of a new platform and the potential it has for you to get some serious return on ad spend?

It doesn’t have to be the be all and end all of your marketing efforts, by starting from scratch and testing the waters and you will quickly get the feel if it’s something worth pursuing and if it is, then go for it!

The extent of your possible success is limitless!


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