Basic Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Tweaks

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) techniques aren’t always so simple. They can be both ends of the spectrum. From the simple tweaks to the most complex adjustments you can make – and anything in between!

Complexity isn’t a necessity, even the simplest of tweaks can have an enormous effect on your website.

So now you’re driving traffic to your website, but you want to convert the visitors? Even the smallest percentage increase in your conversion rate can result in a LOT of extra revenue!

Read our list of the basic tips you need to know.

Get the message?

First things first, why not focus on testing your messaging. After a few seconds a visitor will have decided whether or not they are interested or not, so you have to be enticing so they don’t leave. You need to make it clear from the get go what it is you offer or they won’t be hanging around for long. Try running a short PPC campaign purely for research if you can. Not only are they a great way to generate sales but they are a really effective research tool. Set a budget amount for your ad spend for your campaign, focus on a few keywords and run a few ads with different copy. You will probably notice that one ad will outperform the others so you can now use the messaging used in that ad and incorporate it into your landing pages. A great way to convert some non-paid traffic and possibly create higher Return On Investment ROI.

Choose Higher Converting Keywords

The more specific the search query, the higher the conversion rate right? Not always. Some specific search terms will often have a lower search volume so you need to find the compromise between search volume and conversion rate to make better decisions based on your business goals.

Try looking at the conversion potential for all keywords by multiplying search volume by your conversion rate. Remember that even despite having a lower search volume sometimes a more specific search has more revenue potential. You just have to analyse and act!

Better for users. Better for you.

Forget about the technical stuff for a moment. There’s nothing like the present to take off those business goggles and start seeing the world (more so your site) through the eyes of potential customers. See what works and what doesn’t. Find out if your site is difficult to navigate and try to identify what pages have high bounce and exit rates. Look into why people aren’t engaging, have a think about what would be more appealing to you and make some changes. Do some research and see how other online businesses have adapted their sites to make it better for the user. End result? Better for you.

You need to care and nurture your business and fix any problem whenever you can, don’t just keep putting bandages over things that need addressing. Take our advice and see how much business you can get to your website, but you have to put in the man hours first, it won’t just happen overnight. Now go do!

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