3 Ways to stay at the top of your Display campaign game

A good digital marketer knows that although the whole point of their advertising campaign is to be successful, there isn’t one standard way or strategy to get there.

There is no one size fits all, all accounts are different! Sometimes though, there are some tactics you can use as a guideline for your strategies. These are the three we would definitely recommend using when creating your Display Network campaign.

Keep your Search and Display campaigns separate

When users visit the Google Search engine, they are looking for an answer to their query or a certain product or service meaning that there is already user intent to complete an action. When using a Display Network campaign, the ads you are creating to target users are there to disrupt their online experience e.g. ads playing during a YouTube video. Due to this, you need to be aware of the default settings that Google gives you when creating any Search campaigns in case the Display Network is included. Always make sure any Search or Display campaigns are kept apart into two separate campaigns to ensure you will have a lot more control over things such as performance, budgets and targeting options etc. Not only that but you will be able to optimise each campaign accordingly to target the correct users by their intent.

Keep your remarketing audiences and new users separate

Keeping in mind what we’ve just covered about the difference in user intent between the Search and Display Network, know that user intent can also vary within the same network. Any users who have visited your site, added items to their shopping basket or even watched one of your videos on YouTube, will already be familiar with you, your brand and your product. And because you want to get the right message to get across to the right people at the right time, your ad message will have to change to target both those users who are familiar with your brand and the new ones. To do this, you need to use audience exclusions to separate your re-marketing campaigns from your general awareness campaigns. This will help you to stop any overlap between both audiences as well as allowing you can change things such as bids, budgets and landing pages to better speak to your target users further down the marketing funnel.

Monitor your ad frequency

Ad frequency is important as it shows you the amount of times your ad has been seen by a user online. If your ads are being shown over and over again without more goal conversions or engagement coming back at you then it is fair to say that your ads are showing too much to the wrong audience and if they had any interest in them, they probably would have interacted with them by now. When using Google Ads you are able to add specific reach columns to monitor how often users are seeing your ad, plus the number of unique users who saw your Display ads. You can monitor KPIs as they change, such as conversions, conversion rates, CTR etc, depending on the goals of the campaign. This data can be used to update your frequency capping settings in your Display Network campaigns so that you can update how impressions are limited. Remember that impressions can be limited at the ad, ad group or campaign level by day, week or month.

With every PPC campaign we run, it’s a case of trial and error. What works well for one might not work at all for another. To be at the top of your game you have to be open minded to testing new things within your Display Network campaign to uphold the highest level of campaign performance. 

Once you have the momentum going, keep it going as best you can.

We know that every road to success isn’t the same.

Things take time, effort and commitment.

With all that said, we hope you find yours!


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