3 things you should be doing everyday on your PPC accounts

Pay per click advertising still remains a really effective way for the advertiser to get their message in front of their target audience and engage them with your products and services by driving said audience to your website.

The higher your ads appear on the top of Google’s search results page, the more chance you have that a user will click your ad. Keep in mind though, getting clicks alone isn’t the goal. If the clicks on your ad result in a lead, phone call or sale, there’s your goal right there!

To make sure you’re grabbing your best chance of success, it is so important that you get yourself into a routine and get used to carrying out the daily tasks you should be completing on your campaigns. Here are the 3 things you need to consider everyday on your PPC accounts.


Check your Key Performance Indicators

Your KPIs are an incredibly important metric which help you determine the effectiveness of a wide range of different campaigns. Being able to measure the performance of your ads is crucial or else you’re wasting money right left and centre and do you know if it was worth it? How would you!?

Whichever KPIs you choose to prioritise will vary depending on your marketing goals. For example, you can see how your ads are doing by monitoring the number of clicks, click through rate, conversion rate and you can measure the amount of money your spending on your ad campaigns too using cost per click.


Review your negative keyword list

A great way to attract more clicks is to make sure that the language of your ads optimises the most appropriate keywords for a search. It’s equally important that you create and monitor your negative keyword list when running a PPC campaign. If you don’t include a negative keyword list on your campaign, you could have a big problem when it comes to your return on investment.

By creating a list of negative keywords, you’re telling the search engine that those keywords aren’t relevant words for your business and that your ads shouldn’t show up when people conduct searches using those words. Due to the fact that search behaviour changes regularly, you should always review your negative keyword list daily.


Review your daily budget

Since your average daily budget isn’t fixed, you can change your budget based on analysing your KPIs as you review your campaigns daily. There are different ways you can manage your budget, the most common being able to shift your budget across days of the week. So if you notice days when your ads are generating more traffic than those days that aren’t, you can take advantage of this by shifting your budget and therefore maximise your return on investment.

By reviewing your budget you can see whether or not you need to change your ad delivery method from either accelerated or standard delivery. This is important because accelerated delivery shows your ads earlier in the day and they stop showing when you run out of your daily budget for that day. You can only use this method of ad delivery if you use automated bidding. This is opposed to standard delivery where your ads are shown  more evenly during the day. If you decide to choose manual bidding then your campaigns are automatically defaulted to standard delivery.

When considering the amount you’re spending on your ad campaign, spending a little time each day checking how your daily budget is being spent across devices would be a wise decision. Of course it would be, since Google allows you to see the differences across devices for clicks, impressions and conversions. Now a lot of users are preferring to search online, if not kept in check, the percentage of mobile spend compared to conversion can become distorted meaning you could miss out on big opportunities for desktop conversions. 

The key to a successful PPC campaign is to make sure you stay on top of the aforementioned so you can detect any problems as they arise. By monitoring your KPIs, keywords and budget you can use them to decide your next steps and what the best approach is to optimise your accounts. The last thing you want to do is have a crisis on your hands that could be totally preventable as long as your checking in often.

Committing to performing these 3 simple tasks more often is a good routine and a good one to maintain to ensure your very chance of success.

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