Don’t Be Afraid to Compete with the ‘Big Fish’!

Don’t Be Afraid to Compete with the ‘Big Fish’!

This one is for the freelancers out there, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to take the plunge in competing with the industry ‘big fish’. Equally, if you’re a representative of a business who has previously considered instructing the services of a freelancer but decided against it, please continue to read this blog, we’re confident that we can make you think twice for future opportunities!


Here at Freelancetosuccess, we believe that freelancing will continue to evolve and become an ever more powerful force in the world of marketing over the next few decades. We have been in this business a while and we believe we are pretty good at it, so now it’s time to share our knowledge and experience to help others succeed.


There’s quite a frightening trend of new freelancers being given poor advice in the current market and being directed to advertise their services on budget freelance job marketplaces. Why is the view of so many people that freelancers can’t be as good at what they do as agencies, and that when it comes to big projects, it’s best to steer well clear of the sole trader? Freelancers and the services they offer are just as good if not better than a lot of large agency offerings. Freelancers deserve to be competing for large projects. Allow us to explain why…


A large number of freelancers are likely to have experience working within a large agency or organisation, so while you may immediately think that they’re inexperienced, the chances are that they have experience in abundance. You may find that some freelancers have also worked from the client’s side too, so they can offer an even more unique and unrivalled service to that of an agency.


With no major overhead costs, a paying client can expect to save between 20%-30% when instructing a freelancer over paying agency fees, and that’s even applicable to freelancers at the higher end of the hourly rate scale. Now that’s a win-win all round!


As a freelancer, you’re perfectly placed to offer your clients more focused time and from an account management perspective, you will develop a personable relationship with your client, which instils trust and confidence in your service. As a client, you’ll be more than just a number to your instructed freelancer. So often these days businesses enlist the services of an agency and struggle to establish a direct communication with their account manager and are frequently left feeling dejected about the lack of care and attention they’re receiving. To a freelancer, you are their primary focus. Freelancers run their own business which thrives on repeat custom. They strive to produce their best work, for every project, to maintain and develop their customer relationships.  Dedication and going the extra mile are a given when instructing a freelancer. Now, as a paying client, you surely can’t ask for more than that?


We understand that to hire a freelancer for the first time, you’ll need to take a leap of faith. You will find out what skills they have, what quality you can expect and a summary of their experience, but the reality is you’ll never be able to truly know what the end result will be until your project is completed. While the initial risk can be seen as a slight drawback, you might just find yourself someone who can provide you with an outstanding level of service at a reasonable price, and someone you can work with time and time again.


A note for the freelancers… even the biggest marketing agencies out there had to start somewhere. Maybe even as a one-man band doing exactly as you are now, so who’s to say that you can’t achieve great success too? Now is the time to believe in yourself and commit to developing your customer service skills and business strategies to go after your dream clients. You’ll win some and you’ll lose some, but one thing is for sure- contracts aren’t going to just fall into your lap and they certainly won’t be found on budget freelance job marketplaces. So, get out of that small pond little fish and swim with the big guns, what do you have to lose?


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