Boost Your Business With LinkedIn

Setting up a company page with LinkedIn is just the start of your business relationship with the social media platform. Although it is simple enough to set up, don’t fall into a false sense of security assuming that followers will flock to your page like a moth to a flame. Here is a list of … Read moreBoost Your Business With LinkedIn

Things to avoid in PPC this year

Now we are well into the swing of 2020, a lot of us should have made a great dent into our resolutions of things we want to achieve whether its doing something differently, something new or cutting out completely! Calling all PPC marketers, the buck doesn’t stop at resolutions! New year, new you and all … Read moreThings to avoid in PPC this year

Why Are Negative Keywords Important?

When using PPC, the general idea is to bid on keywords that relate to the products or services you want to advertise. So when a user on Google searches the terms you have as keywords in your account, your ad will appear. But what about negative keywords? Surely as negatives they wont be that important … Read moreWhy Are Negative Keywords Important?

Bid Strategies

If you decide to use an online marketing campaign to advertise your business, a key thing to remember is that you need to choose a bidding strategy that reflects your marketing goals. Another great feature of Google Ads is that there are several bid strategies to choose from. Whichever strategy you do end up using … Read moreBid Strategies

Develop Your USP

Avoid falling into the trap of trying to please everyone, and instead focus your efforts on catering to your ideal customer group. A Unique selling point (USP), gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace, letting you stand apart from your competitors. Why you need a USP With so many options to choose from in … Read moreDevelop Your USP

Why you should be advertising on YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest online platforms known to date and with such a huge audience spending so much time on it, no wonder more and more businesses are using it as a direct place to advertise. So what makes YouTube the place to be when it comes to advertising products and such? Lets … Read moreWhy you should be advertising on YouTube

3 Ways to stay at the top of your Display campaign game

A good digital marketer knows that although the whole point of their advertising campaign is to be successful, there isn’t one standard way or strategy to get there. There is no one size fits all, all accounts are different! Sometimes though, there are some tactics you can use as a guideline for your strategies. These … Read more3 Ways to stay at the top of your Display campaign game

How To Make Your PPC Ad Copy Make Revenue

The basic goal of a PPC advertiser is to drive revenue and profit. It may sound easy but to put into practise, can be tricky! One of the main reasons for this is that there are so many factors that come into play to achieve this, not all of them in your control. Think about … Read moreHow To Make Your PPC Ad Copy Make Revenue

3 things you should be doing everyday on your PPC accounts

Pay per click advertising still remains a really effective way for the advertiser to get their message in front of their target audience and engage them with your products and services by driving said audience to your website. The higher your ads appear on the top of Google’s search results page, the more chance you … Read more3 things you should be doing everyday on your PPC accounts

Things to consider when using Paid Search marketing.

PPC, a form of paid search marketing, one that is taking the digital world by storm is a fantastic tool to use if you want to increase your brand exposure and apply your own marketing strategies. If you are thinking about starting your own PPC ad campaign or getting someone to do it for you … Read moreThings to consider when using Paid Search marketing.

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